Take The Next Step To Acquire A Business With Us: Apply to the Accelerator

The entrance-to-exit program is designed to find and close a business for you within seven months, integrate our ACE Framework within the following nine months, and exit the business to earn 10x your cash investment within four years.

The Accelerator is the ONLY way you can access:

  • Acquira as an equity or debt investor in your deal(s)
  • Our off-market team, calling 50+ businesses per day on your behalf
  • All our vendors at preferred rates

Capacity is limited each month because Accelerator members will be working with our CEO and Director of M&A.

Our Offering

1. Acquisition Gauntlet (Training)

A training program that takes you through a mock acquisition of an HVAC business.

2. Deal Search and Screening (Training and Systems)

Training and systems for acquisition entrepreneurs to help them create and adapt their investment thesis, organize a scaled up search for businesses, screen and score those businesses using proprietary tools, and make an offer on a business.

3. Proprietary Due Diligence Process

A 100+ item due diligence process, what to ask, when.

4. Weekly Acceleration AP Group Call (Group Consulting)

Weekly Google Meet calls with Acquira and/or external experts covering a wide range of topics. Bring your questions and ask us anything!

5. The Last Mile (Training)

Detailed training covering everything from LOI to close, including financing, business plans, quality of earnings, site visits, entity and tax optimization, the purchase agreement, bill of sale and more.

6. Investment Committee (1 on 1 Consulting)

Receive courtesy investment committee calls where we will poke holes in a business you are presenting and provide you with a better understanding of what we like and dislike about the deal as well as advise you on different offer structures.

7. Workshop

Providing a 2-day face-to-face workshop

8. ACE Framework

A change management system designed to grow businesses with a special emphasis on culture, systems, and servant-leadership. It serves as a guide to reviewing and improving those business processes that have an impact on growth and profitability.

9. Exit

Sell your business for more than what you paid for.

Phase 1: The Search

7-month program
6 one-on-one calls with an Acquira Success Coach
6 accountability calls with others in the Accelerator
Access to Acquira as a potential equity investor
Access to our deal sourcing team
In-depth training on how to appraise business deals
If you want to create wealth and freedom by acquiring a 7-figure business, then join our Accelerator.

As part of the program, our team will provide more deals for you to look over than you thought possible. We’ll help you iterate your investor profile throughout the process in order to ensure that you buy the exact right business for you.

Of course, you still need to put in the work. At least a few hours each day. If that sounds like too much, then this is not the program for you.

The Details

The Accelerator is broken into three sub-Phases that take you from defining your investor profile all the way the close of your business:
Acquira Phase 1 Acquira Phase 2 Acquira Phase 3

How It Works

By the end of the first month, you’ll have developed your investor profile and tested it in the real world by analyzing and screening several businesses.

Once you’ve screened a number of businesses and solidified your investor profile, we will introduce you to our sourcing team, which will begin calling off-market businesses on your behalf. Off-market deals usually result in better businesses more tailored to your specific investor profile.

Acquira will provide a Success Coach that will support you throughout the process. You can expect coaching calls and document reviews with the coach at every “do or die” moment.

You’ll Receive Coaching Calls:
Prior to your first site visit
To help structure the offer
To look over your pre-LOI diligence list
To conduct a final LOI review and offer adjustment
Prior to submitting documents to the bank
Prior to submitting the purchase agreement

Phase 2: ACE Integration

ACE stands for Acquira Certified Enterprise. An ACE is a company that adheres to a change management framework that emphasizes culture, systems, and servant leadership.

In the past, some of our partners were not ready to take over a business. They were overwhelmed and this led to a low quality of life. They became owner-operators, just like the sellers. 

The main objective of the integration is to establish the foundations for future growth and continued efficiency toward higher profitability in preparation for divestment.

Nine month implementation process
A dedicated ACE Integrator to customize the integration process to your business
Training for four distinct users to create specialization and focus
Four in-depth workshops
Six “solutions visits”
Extensive pre-built systems and procedures

Phase 3: The Exit

Steady cash flow and a growth trajectory
A clear path to an exit
Sell your business for higher multiples
Acquira as a potential buyer for ACE-integrated companies
Do more of what you want!

Growing a company on your own like can take you more than 5 years even with the right people in place because you’re going to need to create it all from scratch and you’re going to make mistakes.

ACE allows you to skip most of the false starts and mistakes and clear a path toward an exit from your business in a shorter period of time.

This means selling your business for more than what you paid and faster than on your own. We do this through a warrant that will guarantee you a potential exit within four years provided the business is integrated and is performing.

What's included in the Accelerator

  1. 01. Annual access to our business search training
  2. 02. Annual, unlimited access to our investment committee
  3. 03. Annual access to our weekly group calls
  4. 04. A face-to-face 1-2 day workshop
  5. 05. Access to our off-market search team
  6. 06. Access to the ACE Framework
  7. 07. A path toward an exit
Simon Mosk-Aoyama
Working with Acquira on a business acquisition was like having an all-purpose business Swiss army knife in your pocket: from analysis of the books, to valuation, lending, and growth strategies they were there every step of the way to help provide the confidence and plan to make it happen.
Eric W.
Acquira really impressed me with their core values that I found to be more than just words. They were able to source and vet a great business, and I'm excited for what the future holds as one of their partners.