Want to own a Million Dollar,
cash-flowing business by next year?

We’ll help you find, finance, and acquire a good business in 8 - 12 months.

The Golden Opportunity

We believe the Legacy and Goodwill of an established small business is the best asset for wealth creation.

Acquiring an established business means owning a valuable asset that is already cash-flowing with a proven track record, existing customer base and brand recognition, which can appreciate in value over time.

There’s never been a better time in history to buy a business.

The world needs qualified, capable leaders to step up as Millions of Small Business Owners are ready to retire.

Here are the stats:

16 Million

Business Owners
Ready to retire in the next decade.

25 Million

American jobs at risk.


of the businesses
have no succession plan.

Most business owners need to sell their business in order to retire.

If they don’t find a buyer, closing their doors will be a devastating loss for the owner, the employees, and the community. There’s a huge need right now for good business leaders who have what it takes to carry the torch. At Acquira, it’s our duty to prepare entrepreneurs and leaders for the trillion-dollar wave of small businesses that are looking for new ownership. The more Acquisition Entrepreneurs we help find, finance, and acquire a small business, the more jobs are saved and hard-working Americans can retire comfortably.

We're on a Mission to Protect 1 Million American Jobs by 2050

The best part is,

There’s Money Available to Buyers Like You.

The Small Business Administration is offering federal funding toward small business acquisitions to help with what they’re calling:

The Largest Transfer of Wealth in History!

Last year alone the agency provided:


SBA loans


in funding

You can borrow up to $5 million dollars with

90% leverage.

This means you can afford to pay a fair price for a business and start the buyer-seller relationship on the right foot.

Acquira Will Help You Find & Close A 1MM/yr Cashflowing Business In Under 1 Year.

ACCELERATE your business acquisition journey with our “Acquisition In A Box” service.

Acquira’s “Acquisition In A Box” service exists to help you shortcut the business-buying process and avoid the pitfalls you might experience by trying to go about it on your own.

We find you a business that matches your desired geography and financial goals.

Get diligence, financing, and legal support to close the deal and acquire your business.

Go through our MBA-level playbook for business acquisition and integration.

With our Accelerator program, you can own a business within the Next 12 Months:

  • Define the right business for you and Acquira kicks off the search (Average Timeline: 1 week)
  • Find and filter opportunities that match your investor criteria (Average Timeline: 8 - 12 weeks)
  • Negotiate terms of a potential sale (Average Timeline: 2 - 3 weeks)
  • Accept the deal, sign the Letter of Intent (Average Timeline: 1-3 weeks)
  • Due Diligence with our advisor and financial diligence team (Average Timeline: 4 - 6 weeks)
  • Get financing while working through the closing process with our legal team (Average Timeline: 8 -12 weeks)
  • Get the keys to your new business

The average timeline to acquire a business is 19 months.
We call this Accelerator because we can cut this time in half.

Here’s How The Accelerator Helps You Find, Analyze, Acquire, And Grow a 7-Figure Business:

Determine the business that’s right for you.


We’ll show you how to define your Investor Thesis that makes sense for your goals, location, and financial capacity to help us determine the right business opportunities to bring you.

Determine the business that’s right for you.


While we’re out searching for the best businesses for you, you’ll get an accelerated MBA in business acquisitions and management with our exclusive training portal. We’ve condensed our experience from acquiring over 30 businesses into a step-by-step training platform that will show you what to do (and what not do) to find, finance, and acquire a business in the next year.


You’ll have 12 months of access to our training portal which will walk you through every step of the process:


  • Analyzing a business deal:
    • Market and industry overview
    • Finding potential problems
    • Short-term and long-term growth plans
    • Analyzing competition
    • Employee relations and job descriptions
    • Marketing and branding due diligence
    • Financial and legal due diligence
  • Discover industries and determine which types of businesses are right for you.
  • Financing options to understand what’s available and how big of a business you’ll be able to acquire.
  • Finding and scoring businesses to determine the best opportunities that meet your investment thesis.
  • How to identify different seller types and their motivations to create ideal deal structures.
  • Financial due diligence checklist to ensure it’s a good deal.
  • Preparing for a site visit so you know what to look for and how to build rapport with your seller.
  • Creating your offer.
  • The last mile to close on the deal:
    • Create a business plan
    • How to get SBA loan
    • Other sources of funding
    • People and culture systems
    • Earnings analysis
    • Licenses needed for your business

Access to our Acquisition Experts on our weekly mentorship calls.


You’ll likely have a lot of questions while you progress through the training, which is why we host weekly calls where our team and other experts in the M&A space go deeper on certain aspects of the acquisition process. You’ll have 12 months of access to these weekly mentorship calls as well as all previous recordings.

Acquira will find, filter, and negotiate deals on your behalf.


Acquira has relations with brokers and private sellers to find great on and off-market businesses for sale. We’ll deliver a negotiated business opportunity, ready to sign, typically in under 4 months.

You’re invited to spend 2 days with us to get you through The Last Mile of the acquisition process.


Once you have actively reviewed several deals, we invite you to join a live workshop where we cover the steps after submitting your LOI all the way through closing the deal. This is no extra charge and we’ll even cover your room and meals, you cover the travel expenses.

Get better financing terms with our vendor relations.


Our reputation and relationships allow us to often get more favorable loan terms and faster results than those who try and go at it alone.

Possibility of Acquira as an investor in your new business.


We believe in win-win, and we are always looking for buyers like yourself to partner with on a good business if it meets our Investment Thesis and core values.

Access our proven systems and protocols to manage and grow your new business.


We don’t just show you how to buy a business, you’ll also get access to our processes for change management, sales and marketing, people and culture, and finance so you can succeed in your new business.

Get support from others going through their own acquisition journey.


Buying a business can be intimidating. That’s why it helps to belong to a community of other Acquisition Entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, pool resources, and lean on each other for invaluable support.

We’ve found those who are accepted into Accelerator save around $63,000 & 9 months in total.

Real Stories, Real Successes, The Voices of Acquira

Real stories from real people. Experience how Acquita is reshaping the narrative of American business ownership.

Noah Weiss Avatar
My wife and I are thrilled that we joined the Acquira accelerator. In just under 10 months, we went from having the distant hope of eventually buying a small business to actually owning our dream business! From the educational component distilling the key learning needed for a successful search, to the coaching and guidance through our due diligence and decision-making process, to helping find and structure the right capital stack to fund our transaction, I am blown away by how far we have come and how supported we have been every step of the way. It’s not an easy path by any means; it takes a lot of determination, resilience and hard work to get a deal done and even more to successfully operate a small business. But if you are motivated and drawn towards a more entrepreneurial path, I would strongly recommend working with Acquira.
Noah Weiss
Ryan Gamso Avatar
I have been working with Acquira for over a year, and they have been incredibly helpful in my acquisition search. Their training, online support, and in-person workshop have all given me the support I need as I search for a small business to acquire!
Ryan Gamso
Mike Ferraro Avatar
Invaluable Experience for Acquisition Entrepreneurs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Attending Acquira's in-person workshop was an absolute game-changer for me as an acquisition entrepreneur. The insights shared by industry leaders and experts were incredibly valuable, offering practical knowledge that's directly applicable in the field. The networking opportunities provided a fantastic platform to connect with like-minded individuals, potential partners, and mentors. The chance to explore funding options through Acquira's investment fund was a significant highlight, showcasing their commitment to supporting entrepreneurial journeys. The personalized guidance received and the structured program provided a clear path forward, accelerating my growth in the world of acquisition entrepreneurship. Overall, an enriching experience that's a must for anyone serious about excelling in acquisitions.
Mike Ferraro
Jayson Shawver Avatar
These guys are the real deal when it comes to learning how to become an entrepreneur through business acquisition. Their team and training is top notch and highly recommended for anyone who is looking to shortcut the business buying process and to avoid all the pitfalls that one might experience by trying to go about it on your own. Highly recommend Acquira and their team of experts to help you on your journey.
Jayson Shawver
Gloria Patricia Robertson Avatar
When I quit my job as an architect in July 2020, my partner suggested I buy a business. I knew that this was something that I could do but not by myself: I need help! We found Acquira and joined them three months ago, August 2022. In these few months I have learned more than I could have imagined. The team at Acquira is knowledgeable about what they do (acquire businesses!); they are very friendly and accessible; they help me review my deals, answer my questions, and guide me on this journey. With Acquira’s help, I know that I’m on the right track to finding a great business. I love these guys!
Gloria Patricia Robertson
Tony Rudd Avatar
Acquira is a company that has aligned their interests with you, the consumer of their services. They’ve also taken great care to select the right people to serve in their particular roles. The result is far superior to what you will find in any traditional internet marketing or coaching program, hands down
Tony Rudd

We’re on a mission to help entrepreneurial leaders acquire and grow great businesses that give back to their people and communities.

Join the 300+ of Acquisition Entrepreneurs who have already started their Accelerator Journey.

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