Acquira Search Program FAQ

If you decide to pass on the business we will open the deal to other buyers in our network. As a preferred buyer in our network, you will also see businesses that were sourced for others but were not a fit.

If you would like to move forward with the business you will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we will release additional information including the company name, website, and financials. This information will stay redacted until an NDA has been signed so we can protect the sellers in our system.

Once you have this information and decide you would like to continue, we will connect you with the seller. At that point, you can set up a call and proceed into advanced discussions directly with the seller towards a mutual agreement for acquisition.

You will also have access to any of our vendors in case you need help with legal and diligence during the process, for an additional cost. This is not mandatory but it is recommended if you do not have much experience in these areas.

This might happen if the industry or area is too specific. In that case, our recommendation would be to open up the businesses and the areas you would be interested in so we can have enough deals to reach out to. This will increase your chances of finding a business faster.

We’ll continue the search at $1500/month (and potentially enlarge the scope)

We are always happy to assist in sourcing methods for you. In that case, our recommendation would be to not pay for the Assisted Sourcing as we want you to feel satisfied with the results that we yield.

We will be happy to accept you onto a buyers list so that if any businesses come through our funnel that match your criteria you can be notified. However, the Assisted Sourcing Program would not exist specifically for you. This is just to make sure that there is a proper value exchange. Other buyers in our database with similar criteria will also be notified so there will be no right of first refusal

If the monthly fee is not something you are interested in, at the moment we would still be happy to take down your acquisition criteria and pass along any businesses that have been found through our sellers funnel if we think they would be a good match for you.

If this is the route you prefer to take, we completely understand but want to be clear that the deals you would see will also be seen by other buyers and they will be shown to our buyers who are paying for Assisted Sourcing first.

You do not have to partner with Acquira in your business acquisition and can choose to only pay the finders fee. There are no hard feelings here. Our intention simply is to make sure you are successful in your search for business acquisition.

The finder’s fee is funded into the deal structure, meaning the commission is set aside in an escrow account for a bridge period of approximately one week. So you do need to have the downpayment up front, but there are ways to use the finder’s fee toward the deal, including a home equity line of credit or a bridge loan. We’ll be happy to help you find a solution so that you can get the greatest value for your money.

We’re discounting the cost of the service by 50%. A breakdown of the actual costs is as follows:

Deal prospecting – $4,500/month (you get one full-time BDR, making 60-80 calls per day to find interested sellers, plus an Account Executive taking the seller calls).
Acceleration program – $4,000
Coaching program – 6 calls at $500 each.
Total: $20,500

Because this relationship is a joint venture between you (the buyer) and Acquira, that cost is split in two and we will split the commission.

We will provide additional coaching calls with a 50% discount to our standard rate. Additional coaching calls will cost $250/hour.

Any ownership stake in the business comes from a mutual agreement on equity or warrant participation at the time of close. We only want to actively participate in companies we can add value to.

Ideally, we’ll provide a list of potential acquisitions for you to choose from. It will be your job to decide which business is ultimately the best fit for your investment thesis and where you want to invest your money. You will then bring that to Acquira’s investment committee for additional feedback and guidance, and potential investment from Acquira.

You will receive a 10% percentage of the overall commission if someone else from our buying network decides to buy the company using your prospectus, assuming the business has already passed the investment committee.