The Acquisition Roadmap

The Acquisition Roadmap provides access to our training, tools, community, and Investment Committee, all in the interest of helping you mitigate risk and level up. The Roadmap will help you define your investment thesis and then search, screen, and secure deals.

That means we train you how to look for potential acquisitions, screen those deals so you can disqualify any that don’t meet your investment thesis, and then we teach you how to make an offer. We’ll also teach you how to apply for credit to help you secure a loan for the acquisition of the business.

The Acquisition Roadmap Cost

The Acquisition Roadmap costs $3,000 per year. It includes:


I'm not sure whether I should join the Acquisition Roadmap or the Accelerator. Any advice?
Schedule a call with our Director of Revenue Daniel Elizondo to discuss what option is best for you.

What’s the difference between the Acquisition Roadmap and the Accelerator?
The Roadmap is a self-guided approach to business acquisition whereas, with the Accelerator, you go through the program in a cohort. It provides the training and resources necessary to qualify good deals, but there is no one-on-one support and no off-market deal sourcing. The Accelerator also includes an in-person workshop where you can network with other Acquisition Entrepreneurs and pick the collective brain of Acquira's team.

Does Acquira provide a lawyer or accountant to look over any deal I find?
We provide access to our list of trusted vendors. Any payment for their services will have to be negotiated with them directly. You also receive access to the Investment Committee, where you can get feedback on any deals you’ve found.

How long does it take to find a business?
Given that the Acquisition Roadmap is a self-guided process, the timing can vary greatly. In many cases, it comes down to how much work you put into finding a deal. To put it in perspective, the Accelerator Program is designed to find a business for you within seven months of beginning the program. That is about half the time it takes through traditional business searching methods.

The Accelerator

If you’re looking to speed up the business buying process, our Accelerator program is yoour best bet. The Accelerator is designed to help you close a business in half the time at half the cost it would take you to find a business on your own. The program is designed to find and close a business for you within an average span of seven months. The program includes everything offered in the Roadmap plus three one-on-one coaching calls, off-market deal sourcing, and an invitation to one of our in-person workshops.