The Acquisition Roadmap

Acquira’s Acquisition Roadmap allows our partners to enjoy all of our deal search training material at their own pace.

As you embark on the Acquisition Roadmap, you will go through the Gauntlet – a primer on business acquisitions that will allow you and Acquira an opportunity to vet one another. This works as an investment towards your knowledge of business acquisitions, and it’s how we select the people we work with to buy businesses.

Where the Gauntlet serves as a primer on business acquisition, the Acceleration Program delves deep into all aspects of the business buying process. Whether you are just starting out, you’ve already looked at a few deals, or you found and closed on a business and are looking to expand it, we cover it all.

How it works

The Acquisition Roadmap will help you develop your investment thesis and ensure that it is tested on real-world businesses as you analyze and screen several deals.

The Roadmap is broken into a series of modules:

  • The Gauntlet
  • The Acceleration Program: Part 1 - Crafting & Iterating Your Investment Thesis
  • The Acceleration Program: Part 2 - Search, Screen, & Secure

The Acquisition Roadmap will teach you how to source deals through brokers, help you build relationships with brokers and sellers, and teach you how to do an in-depth analysis of business deals. That analysis will allow you to disqualify bad deals until you find the perfect fit for your investment thesis.

What You Get
Development of your investment thesis to help you determine your investment goals and industries to consider.
Business analysis and acquisition training to learn how to effectively analyze opportunities and successfully close on those opportunities.
Access to Acquira's investment team and Investment Committee to help you review potential acquisitions.
Access to Acquira's preferred vendors (lenders, attorneys, accountants, etc.) to help with due diligence in addition to Acquira's team.
Access to a library of previously-recorded Acquisition Partner (AP) calls and Investment Committee calls.
Access to tools and calculators we've built to help save you dozens of hours during the deal screening process.
Weekly access to live group calls with experts on the Acquira team and external experts

What It Includes:

The full range of courses includes:

Geographical Location
Industry Analysis
Financing Options
Screening Criteria
Internal Goals & Organization
How to Use BizBuySell.com
How to Review Prospectuses
How to Position Yourself With the Broker
Understanding Types of Sellers
Seller Communication Checklists and SOPs
Pre-LOI - Analyze Diligence Materials and Financial Data
Pre-LOI - Create Financial Model and Update Thesis Calculator
Investment Committee
Site Visit Checklists and SOPs
Preparing Your Offer and LOI
Moving Forward / Passing on Deals

Accelerating Your Acquisition Journey

The Acquisition Roadmap is our self-guided, self-paced educational offering. If at any point you feel like you could benefit from individual coaching calls, assisted deal sourcing, accountability calls with other Acquisition Entrepreneurs, and access to Acquira as a potential equity investor, then it’s time to move to the Accelerator Program.

The Accelerator is designed to help you close a business in half the time at half the cost it would take you to find a business on your own. The program is designed to find and close a business for you within seven months.

If at any point you’re interested in moving to the Accelerator Program, the deposit from the Acquisition Roadmap can be put towards the cost of the Accelerator, and you will receive everything listed above as well as three guided one-on-one calls and an invitation to one of our Accelerator Workshops.