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Why Northwest Arkansas Is A Great Place To Buy A Business

Location is often a sticking point for people who are looking to acquire a business. Do you stay close to home or strike out somewhere new? Do you look in a market you know or buy a business in an up and coming market? In this regional spotlight, we discuss why Northwest Arkansas is a place you should consider buying. From its rapid growth to its culture and economy, the region has a lot to offer.

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How Connecting With Brokers Can Help You Find More Businesses

One of the biggest pain points for our Acquisition Entrepreneurs is in finding deals to assess. The best way to find those deals is through business brokers.

After all, any advantage you can find over other budding buyers can mean the difference between finding a great company quickly and wallowing in pre-acquisition hell for an indefinite amount of time.

Business brokers are one of the biggest gatekeepers you'll encounter on your business acquisition journey.

In today's article, we discuss how to build relationships with brokers so you can get access to a higher volume of potential deals and see deals before they're publicly listed.

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How To Create An Effective Onboarding and Training Program For Employees

At any company, preparing people for the work they’re going to do is a vital aspect of hiring new employees. 

Onboarding is when a company provides new workers with the training and information they need to acclimate to their new position and it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that good employees stick around.

The process of onboarding new employees has proven particularly important for Acquira’s Sourcing Team. It’s the Sourcing Team’s job to find businesses that aren’t listed with traditional brokers but are looking to sell to a committed buyer. 

Due to the nature of the job, those working for the Sourcing Team need to be able to think quickly. They need to be able to answer any question that might arise in the course of their day. In short, they need to be experts. As such, the position demands an intensive and thorough training and onboarding process. But before you can begin training folks, you need to have qualified candidates.

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How To Announce The Sale Of A Company To Its Employees

Acquiring a new business is a hectic experience. There are so many things you need to deal with that it can be challenging to keep track of everything. Learning the ins and outs of the business, hiring a general manager, looking for inefficiencies and technological solutions, and finding the bathroom are all things you need to worry about when you take over a company.

But before you can deal with any of that, you need to know how to communicate the company sale to your new employees.

We go through the best ways to make the announcement, and how to use it as an opportunity to identify important employees within the organization.

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How To Introduce Tech To A Non-Tech Business

Many of the companies that our partners acquire are old school, brick and mortar home services businesses. The owners and employees use systems that tend to rely on pens and paper to exchange information.

These outdated systems can be great opportunities to introduce efficiencies into a company as you seek to grow the business, usually by replacing the old-fashioned systems with new technological approaches.

But you should approach any changes to a business with care and consideration for the people who work there. This article explores how to introduce technology to a non-tech business.

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15 Questions To Ask When Buying A Business

Don’t get us wrong, buying a company is a scary process. You’re about to spend a large sum of money on a company that you probably don’t know in an …

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How To Sell A Business Without A Broker

For many business owners looking to sell their company, one of the first things they’ll do is contact a business broker. This is often the best way to sell a …

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Acquira’s Business Flywheel

When your goal is to build a world-class investment fund and accelerator, it’s vital to have some sort of guiding strategy – a holistic system that drives your culture and informs your purpose. At Acquira, we’ve adopted the Flywheel method as our guiding strategy. Our Flywheel demonstrates how we're able to find the best partners and disqualify bad ones, while finding great deals and giving back to the communities that help our businesses succeed.

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Uploading a Brain: Training Sequences For Career Progression

Last week we talked about how you can download an owner's brain to create an employee skills matrix. This week, we're going to explain how to upload that knowledge in order to create an effective training sequence for the business. By clearly defining the role of each individual within an organization, you're able to establish a career trajectory for your employees that creates incentives and objectives for everyone within the business.

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