how to manage people

5 Tips For Managing The People Side of an Acquisition

What You’ll Learn: Why managing the people side of an acquisition is crucial for success How to successfully manage the people side of an acquisition What key challenges come up …

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work culture

Importance of Cultural Health In A Business Acquisition

What You’ll Learn How workplace culture impacts the acquisition process in the home services sector. Why shared values are crucial in assessing fit during acquisitions. How assessing communication styles helps …

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home service businesses

Are Home Services Immune to the Coming AI Revolution?

What You’ll Learn: What positive impacts AI will have on SMBs particularly home services The negative effects of AI on small businesses How AI can provide HVAC and plumbing companies …

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acquira reviews

How Likely Are You To Succeed With Acquira?

What You’ll Learn How long the acquisition process takes with and without Acquira. How much you can expect to pay with and without Acquira. What milestones Acquira uses to measure …

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