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What You Need to Know About Legal Due Diligence

What You’ll Learn What you’ll need to know before you begin due diligence The headspace you should be in during the process Post-acquisition services and how your legal advisor can …

Team Acquira

Best Business Sectors to Buy in 2022

What You’ll Learn: How we vet and choose different types of businesses How to measure a business’s potential, based on different factors The market size and potential for growth of …

Team Acquira

Working Capital: Why You Need It and How to Calculate It

What You’ll Learn The definition of working capital and how to calculate it Why working capital is important in any business acquisition The limitations of working capital as a financial …

Team Acquira

How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Business

What You’ll Learn: Why interest is not enough to qualify a buyer The traits of the right buyer for your business How to find the right buyers long before you …

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