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A Financial Due Diligence Overview [Financial Checklist Included]

Financial due diligence is just not for security brokers. Anyone looking to make an investment, such as purchasing a business, should perform due diligence with the highest standard of care. Due diligence is an audit or investigation of the potential business you want to acquire. Besides reviewing financial statements, any interested party should do their best to confirm any stated facts by the seller.

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Working Capital: Why You Need It and How to Calculate It

What You’ll Learn The definition of working capital and how to calculate it Why working capital is important in any business acquisition The limitations of working capital as a financial …

Team Acquira

7 Ways to Finance a Small Business Purchase

What You’ll Learn How to finance a business purchase with SBA loans Combining personal funds with other financing options How to use debt assumption to fund part of your purchase …

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How-To Guide: Optimize your Compensation Plan

What You’ll Learn How to align your employees' interest with your business goals Attracting and keeping top talent How to motivate employees to do their best Preventing your competitors from …

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