How Business Valuations are Determined

Selling your business is probably your end goal after spending years building it into something worthwhile, and if you do it properly it can be the biggest earning event of your …

Team Acquira

How Likely Are You To Succeed With Acquira?

What You’ll Learn How long the acquisition process takes with and without Acquira. How much you can expect to pay with and without Acquira. What milestones Acquira uses to measure …

Tyler Trumbull

How to Get a Deal Across The Finish Line

What You’ll Learn How two Acquisition Entrepreneurs pushed their deal across the finish line. How John and Bryant overcame the fact that one of them wasn’t eligible for life insurance. …

Team Acquira

Why Buying a Granite Countertop Business is a Good Idea

What you’ll learn: Why granite countertop businesses are worthy of your investment How home service businesses in general are recession resilient How to transition from owner-led to management-led structure Key …

Team Acquira

What It’s Like To Buy A Business Out Of State

If you go through Acquira's training, one phrase you'll see a lot is "location agnostic." What that means is basically, the more places that you're willing to look to buy a business, the more likely it is that you'll find one that matches your unique investment thesis.

Team Acquira