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How To Introduce Technology To A Non-Tech Business

Many of the companies that our partners acquire are old school, brick and mortar home services businesses. The owners and employees use systems that tend to rely on pens and paper to exchange information.

These outdated systems can be great opportunities to introduce efficiencies into a company as you seek to grow the business, usually by replacing the old-fashioned systems with new technological approaches.

But you should approach any changes to a business with care and consideration for the people who work there. This article explores how to introduce technology to a non-tech business.

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Finding Your Personal Flywheel: How To Unleash Your Full Potential

How do you organize your life? Are you able to point to your greatest successes and deepest failures and understand how they helped you get to where you are? In business, the flywheel concept was introduced by Jim Collins. It represents compounded investment of effort, where each step a business takes feeds directly into the next, which feeds into the next, until the cycle begins again, driving the business toward success. The flywheel concept has various applications in the business world, but it’s also a powerful tool for organizing our own personal lives. In this article, Acquira co-founder Hayden Miyamoto explains how to apply Collins’ lessons in a different way. He shows you how to make a personal flywheel that can help improve your life and the lives of those around you. The personal application of this concept actually helped in the creation of Acquira, by creating a method to provide capital, training, and systems to help people acquire businesses of their own.

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