Deal Search and Screening

Accelerate your business search process.

This section of our training takes what was explained in The Gauntlet and covers it in much more detail.

We think of this as “Searching at Scale.” As your training continues, you will gain experience by looking at as many as 20 deals at any given time.

You will then take at least one of those deals to the Investment Committee.

The traditional approach to business acquisition can take as much as a year and a half to find, analyze, and close a business. And then you still have to grow the company! Acquira's Accelerator will get you there in half the time at half the cost.

Key points of our Deal Search and Screening Process:
  • Designed to find and acquire a business for you in half the time, at half the price as traditional acquisition routes
  • Learn how to use free online resources to help find businesses that match with your unique investment thesis in order to ensure you only consider the best businesses.
  • Learn how to position yourself with brokers in order to find the best on-market deals
  • Screen and score businesses using our proprietary tools
  • Adapt and evolve your investment thesis

Search & Screening Details

  • In-depth and comprehensive business acquisition training
  • Includes our proprietary deal calculators, in-depth reading materials, and access to Acquira experts
  • Includes weekly group training calls
  • Culminates in an in-person workshop
  • Access to our community of Acquisition Entrepreneurs who are able to provide support and advice