Month 1

Collect All Logins

Collect all the logins that you’ll need for all of the accounts you’ll need access to from the previous owner. You would need access to the email address that was used to run the business, as well as any other email address that is related to the parallels of business (marketing, etc).

Google My Business: You’d also need access to the email address that is associated with their Google My Business listing (if there is one).

Local Directories: Aside from the email address, you’d need to get access to the local directories that the business might have had: Yelp, Angie’s list, BBB, Nextdoor, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, etc.

Social Media: In addition, you will need access to the website of the business and any social media accounts they might have (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)

Reporting tools (if applicable): Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console

Website related logins: Backend, hosting

Here is a template you can use:

Create a Google Drive Folder

Create a Google Drive folder with different folders for your marketing campaigns similar to this:

This folder is where you need to start storing all the login details you’ll receive from the previous owner, a high resolution of the logo, images of past work, and any other information you’ll be able to receive from the previous owner; you need to keep everything in a cloud environment that you can access from anywhere.

This folder will also contain all the information for your marketing: SEO, Paid media campaigns info, etc.

Create a Folder in Google Drive with “License & Insurance” Name

Create a folder in Google Drive where you need to store all licenses, proof of insurance, etc. You’ll need these to create accounts on different websites.

Here is a template of the folder:

Get a New Business Credit Card

Get a new business credit card that your marketing agency will be able to apply to any paid media accounts you’ll want to run. You will need to use this card for running paid media campaigns for Facebook, Google & Google Guaranteed ads, Yelp ads, etc.

Create a General Email Address

In case previous owner did not share the email address with you, create a general email address (i.e. [email protected]) that you should use to get admin access to all the accounts you need for marketing purposes and that you can give to your marketing vendor to use for marketing purposes as well if/when needed. It’s best to keep everything under 1 email.

Evaluate the Results Obtained From Previous Marketing Campaigns

Evaluate the results obtained from the marketing campaigns that may have been run previously. First things first, you need to find out which channels were used by the previous management to attract leads. Typically, you’d want to look into the following:

  1. SEO marketing: were they doing any SEO activities, like content creation on the site and link building? Your marketing vendor can help you figure this out with the use of tools such as and by analyzing the website of the business.
  2. Paid Social Media Channel: Were they running Facebook or LinkedIn Ads? If they were, you’d need to look into the CPC & CPL figures.Your marketing vendor should be able to analyze the effectiveness of the strategies used on this channel.
  3. Paid Search Media Channel: Were they active with Google Guaranteed or Google Ads? If they were, you’d need to look into the CPC & CPL figures.Your marketing vendor should be able to analyze the effectiveness of the strategies used on this channel.
  4. Paid Local Directories: Were they spending money with Yelp, ANGI (previously Angie’s List), Homeadvisor or any other paid local directory? If yes, we need to get access to those and evaluate the CPL. Your marketing vendor should be able to analyze the effectiveness of the strategies used on this channel.
  5. Direct mail: If the previous management was running a direct mail campaign, the best way to find out about the results is to reach out to them directly unless they’ve documented the results in a CRM system.
  6. Email marketing: If the previous management was running an email marketing campaign, we need to get access to the platform they were using. Your marketing vendor should help you analyze the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns by looking at the CTR and the amount of leads coming from this channel.
Set Marketing Budgets

When it comes to setting up your marketing budget, typically, you’d want to spend around 5-7% of your revenue on it. A good ballpark figure to think about is at $5,000/month for setup/management of all the marketing channels, with additional $5-10K for a media cost (actual ad spend).

For instance, a good media spend cost would include a $10,000/month for media spend on different paid media channels:

  • Cost Per Click on Yelp can be ~$9, on FB ~$2-3, on Google Ads ~$10
  • 40% on Yelp Ads, 20% on FB Ads and 40% on Google Ads & Google Guaranteed Program
Interview 3 Potential Marketing Vendors

Interview 3 potential marketing vendors that you could potentially work with and decide on one of them.

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Select a Website Designer/Developer

If you’re planning on redesigning your website then this is the time you should also be selecting a website designer/developer.