Month 3

Consider Running Ads on Local Directories

If the business needs more leads and sales, then you should consider running ads on Yelp, Nextdoor, Angi, Thumbtack and any other site where you can get leads from without the user needing to visit your website.

Yelp: Yelp ads tend to perform well if your business has good reputation (reviews) on the platform. Before running any ads on Yelp, you might want to consider optimizing the listing and collecting reviews on Yelp with the help of your marketing team. Once you’ve established a good presence on Yelp you can start running Yelp ads. Cost Per Click on Yelp can be ~$9.

ANGI: ANGI’s ads can also perform well if your business has lots of good reviews on the platform – talk to your marketing team and find out whether it is worth it to run the ads on ANGI. They typically offer promoting certain offers/discounts on their platform.

Nextdoor: Nextdoor allows you to target residents of a specific area/zip code. You can work with your marketing vendor to identify the most relevant ZIP codes for your business and run ads for those residents.

Homeadvisor: Homeadvisor ads are also a very popular option for home service businesses.

Kick Off your Email Marketing Campaign

By this time, your marketing vendor should have already put together the email copies for the chosen customer segments. You’ve already identified how many segments you want to target and what those segments are. You’ve also already chosen the tool you want to use for email marketing.

Now, you’d need to work with your vendor to send out/schedule emails to the chosen segments.

For instance, you could send out one marketing email/quarter to your customers to remind them about the necessary maintenance. Or you could choose to just send out a one-time campaign to your customers that need replacement of equipment.

Before sending out the emails, make sure you have enough capacity to handle the leads as they come in. You’d also need to create a special marketing channel in your CRM system to log in the leads coming from this marketing channel – you could name them differently – e.g.: HVAC 5 Year Leads, Water Softener Replacement Leads, etc.

Kick Off your Direct Mail Campaign

By this time, you should already have a good idea of the offer you are going to put forward, the segments you are going to target and the printing/m,nailing company you are going to work with. Your marketing vendor also should help you have the postcard/mail designed with the necessary i .

Before launching the direct mail campaign, make sure that you will be able to handle the leads that are coming as a result of it. You’d want t Hummus io also create a specific track in g phone and Gmarketing campaign in your CRM system to be able to track leads from this campaign.

Once everything is ready, you’d need tob communicate with your marketing vendor and the printing/mailing company on the No end hedule of mails. A good ballpark number is to send out around 1000 mails/month.

Brainstorm Any Additional Local Marketing Initiatives

Work with your marketing agency this month to brainstorm any additional local marketing initiatives you could deploy (i.e. find advertising opportunities with local community events, newspapers, etc.)

If you are working with Service Titan, you might want to consider contributing to their section with an interview. They interview home services business owners and publish their stories on their platform.

Another idea that can be considered is to get featured in a local online newspaper or magazine – this will not only provide you with more brand exposure but also with a high-quality backlink.