Month 4

New Website Is Live

Only launch paid media campaigns that send traffic to your website after the new website is launched and after the CSRs are fully trained to handle these leads so that you don’t waste money on traffic that won’t convert.

You’d want to double check all the website’s functionality with the help of your marketing vendor – check whether all the CTAs are working properly and are sending leads to your CRM. It is also very important to make sure that your marketing vendor sets up all the goal tracking in Google Analytics before you start receiving leads.

Consider Running FB & Google Ads

Now, when your website is up and running, it is time to explore some other paid media channels aside from just local directories. During this month, you can start running Facebook and Google Ads with the help of your marketing vendor – the leads will be landing on particular landing pages that can be created on the website.

With FB ads, you can target specific audiences that are relevant for your business and with Google ads, you will be able to target specific high-purchase keywords that your potential customers in the area might be typing in on Google.

Cost per click is as follows: FB ~$2-3, on Google Ads ~$10.

Continue Marketing Efforts

Continue with content marketing, SEO, Local SEO, email marketing, direct mail and all other marketing initiatives that you already started. If you have enough capacity, it is important to keep working on the marketing channels that you’ve launched in the previous month, because some of the channels (SEO, Local SEO) take some time to kick in and bring long term stable results.


Continuously test different copy, creatives, offers and landing pages for your paid media campaigns in order to get the most optimal results. With help of your marketing vendor, you need to constantly test & improve paid media channels’ performance.

For example, for Yelp advertising (or any other local listing such as ANGI), you can test out different offers and CTAs – make sure to take note when the change has been done and test it.

Once you launch your FB & Google Ads, testing is one of the most important things you’d need to do. This will help your ads bring better results and lower the cost per click.