Acquira’s Business Model

One of Acquira's mottos is “Win-win or no deal.”  We look for ways to partner with Acquisition Entrepreneurs (AEs) and share the up-side.  We think long-term and aim to be the “Acqusition in a box” service that can help you from finding your first business, all the way to exiting it to the right buyer.  

We do this in the following ways (and typically in this order):

1 – Partnering with the entrepreneur to source and close on deals

The Accelerator Program is designed to help Acquisition Entrepreneurs find and close on a business in half the time and at half the cost as it would take them to do it on their own. This usually takes about seven months.

In the early stages of the training, you will learn how to develop your Investment Thesis – an investment profile that is unique to you and takes into consideration your experience and individual risk profile. You will use your Investment Thesis to analyze multiple deals, eventually bringing a deal to our Investment Committee.

Our Investment Committee is here to help you plan for any eventuality by going over your deals to poke holes in it.

The process is similar to Shark Tank, where Acquisition Entrepreneurs present a potential business and all of the research they’ve compiled on the company.

The Committee usually contains at least one person who understands issues around the deal (ie: financing), and another person who is more tuned into the operations side of the business. The Committee then spends time going over the details of the deal, looking for potential issues, before giving feedback.

At the end of the call the AE will discuss the Committee’s findings with their success coach, whether they want to make any adjustments to their Investment Thesis, including increasing the geographical scope of your search, additional industries you might want to look, and why.

Once you have brought at least one deal to the Investment Committee that matches your Investment Thesis, you will be invited to an in-person workshop where you will have the opportunity to tour a business we bought, network with other Acquisition Entrepreneurs, and meet Acquira’s team. You will also gain access to our Last Mile training, which will take you from LOI to the close of the business.

Acquiring a business is a combination of hard work and good timing, but looking at both on-market and off-market deals, you improve your chances of finding the best possible business for you.

2 – Working with entrepreneurs to systematize their businesses

After our first acquisitions, we realized many of our partners were not ready to take over a business and they were overwhelmed. This led to a low quality of life and them becoming owner-operators, just like the sellers.  The Acquira Certified Enterprise (ACE) Framework is a change management system designed to grow businesses, with a special emphasis on culture, systems, and servant leadership.  

  • An ACE is a company that grows under its own power – it has a leadership team in place that is incentivized like owners, creates priorities for the organization, has structured communication, and moves towards an exciting long-term vision.
  • An ACE is a management and budget-run company with accountability generated through regular P&L meetings.
  • An ACE is highly systematic and data-driven.  Everyone has a KPI and there are processes for all recurring tasks.
  • An ACE is a company that improves the lives of everyone in its orbit.

This Framework was battle tested on several businesses and has led to a completely different owner experience and a significantly improved company culture.

3 – Helping entrepreneurs find an exit for more than what they paid for the business.

Many people on our team have a history in private equity, VCs and investment banking, so we know what financial buyers are looking for.  On some occasions, we are even the acquirer.