Want to be your own boss without sacrificing your financial security?

Buy a business with the help of Acquira's Accelerator program.

IMMEDIATE FLORIDA ADVANTAGE: With Acquira's guidance, you can acquire an established Florida business generating immediate revenue from day one. This instant cash flow enables you to cover loan costs, pay yourself a salary, and reinvest in the company's growth – a major advantage over starting a new venture from scratch.

LOWER RISK WITH MATURE BUSINESSES: Only 30% of small businesses survive their 10th year. By acquiring a well-established Florida company over a decade old through Acquira, you minimize risks and build upon a proven foundation primed for future success in the Sunshine State's thriving economy.

FLORIDA-FOCUSED FINANCING: Securing financing is often easier when buying an existing Florida operation versus funding a startup. Lenders can evaluate historical performance data rather than relying solely on projections, increasing your chances of securing capital.

READY FLORIDA WORKFORCE: One of the biggest challenges new business owners face is building a skilled team. With Acquira's acquisitions, you inherit a trained staff, avoiding lengthy hiring and onboarding processes. This instant workforce accelerates your Florida growth trajectory.

LEVERAGE STATEWIDE BRAND EQUITY: Florida companies Acquira vets boast established brand recognition, reputation, and customer bases statewide. You can seamlessly continue leveraging this brand equity from day one across marketing campaigns, online reviews, and partner relationships.

SMOOTH FLORIDA TRANSITION: Exiting Florida business owners often provide invaluable training, introductions to key clients/vendors, employment contracts, and seller financing. This support ensures you hit the ground running with deep operating knowledge of the local market.

Navigating the Path to Business Ownership: Florida Entrepreneur Shares His Success Story

Kevin Couper: From Industry Outsider to Thriving $900k - EBITDA/yr Plumbing Company Owner in Deerfield Beach, FL

Kevin's journey exemplifies the transformative power of Acquira's Accelerator program. Despite coming from a different industry, Kevin leveraged the program's comprehensive training and support to acquire a highly profitable plumbing company, generating $900,000 EBITDA annually in June 2023.

Through flexibility, transparency, and application of Acquira's ACE Framework, Kevin systematized and grew his newly acquired business, overcoming challenges an achieving remarkable success in a short time.

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Meet some of the folks on our team

Our team members have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, investment banking, private equity, and business operations. We’re all here to help ensure that each business we work with is posed to make the biggest positive impact possible for its owners, employees, and community.

Hayden Miyamoto


Co-founder of Wired Investors, Kingmakers, and Acquira, Hayden Miyamoto has built and acquired over 30 businesses, crafting systems for scaling. He advises and sits on the boards of several companies, leveraging his extensive experience in bootstrapping businesses to 7-figure successes.

Doug Thorpe


Doug Thorpe, with a foundational career in commercial banking spanning two decades, has enhanced business growth and investor deals. Transitioning to coaching, he now leads the deployment of coaching teams at major corporations and shares insights on his podcast "Leadership Powered by Common Sense."

Rich Coppage


Rich Coppage, a seasoned Acquira Success Coach, brings a wealth of experience from acquisition advisory and finance roles at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He currently spearheads Acquira's acquisition advisory, contributing to over 15 successful business closings in 2023.

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