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Starting a business is hard. Why not buy an existing business that already has cashflow and then implement systems that make the business work for you?

We’ve acquired 16 companies and deployed over $10mm since 2015. Our super power is training you how to acquire, systematize and grow a great business that allows you to build wealth and freedom.

We’re actively looking for acquisition entrepreneurs to buy a business with. Apply today:

Here are the details...

10 day online program
Weekly calls
In person meetup
If you want to create wealth and freedom by acquiring a 7-figure business, then consider joining our Acceleration Gauntlet.

The Acceleration Gauntlet is a 10 day online program that concludes with a full day meet up. It is structured as guided training in small groups of 1-6 potential partners, with daily learning and exercises, and a weekly call with one of the members of Acquira’s leadership team.

The content is 1/3 personal development, and 2/3 acquisitions training. We partner just like we hire, and are looking for wicked smart, curious, voracious learners with an ambition to realize their potential so they can give back and serve others. We value this above specific experiences.

Beyond the gauntlet

Graduate acquisition
12 months business acceleration
7-figure business working for you
We only work with people that successfully graduate this gauntlet – as acquiring a business together is a multi-year commitment and we want to make sure all parties are comfortable and aligned.

Graduating and becoming an Acquira Acquisition Entrepreneur means you will work with us to source, analyze and purchase a 7-figure business.

After the acquisition, you will then take the business through our 12 month acceleration program. Successfully completing this business acceleration program means you will be the majority owner of a 7-figure business that works for you, instead of you working for it.

Seriousness fee.

There is a $995 skin-in-the-game seriousness fee to go through the gauntlet. If you complete the training, you will get a full refund regardless of if you decide to move forward with us or not.

Topics Include

All 10 days of training cover a range of topics from personal development to acquisitions and diligence training.

The training is specifically designed to prepare you to buy a business with our team, and make sure we are a good fit for each other.

  1. 01.Uncovering your strengths and weaknesses
  2. 02.Understanding core values and principle-centered decision making in business
  3. 03.Understanding your investment thesis
  4. 04.Acquisition diligence – analyzing the market
  5. 05.Acquisition diligence – analyzing the competition
  6. 06.Acquisition diligence – analyzing the people
  7. 07.Acquisition diligence – analyzing the systems & data
  8. 08.Acquisition diligence – analyzing the reputation/brand
  9. 09.Acquisition diligence – analyzing the finances
  10. 10.Valuation & offer
  11. 11.Understanding the kingmakers partnership model
Simon Mosk-Aoyama
Working with Acquira on a business acquisition was like having an all-purpose business Swiss army knife in your pocket: from analysis of the books, to valuation, lending, and growth strategies they were there every step of the way to help provide the confidence and plan to make it happen.
Eric W.
Acquira really impressed me with their core values that I found to be more than just words. They were able to source and vet a great business, and I'm excited for what the future holds as one of their partners.