Buying a business in the United States

Acquira’s Accelerator Program will teach you how to find, assess, and buy a business in the United States. The Accelerator walks you through everything you need to know in order to acquire a 7-figure business within seven months.
Through the Accelerator, you gain access to:

Business Acquisition Training

12-month program
Training frameworks superior to the best MBA M&A programs
Three 1-on-1 coaching calls to establish your Investment Thesis
1 year access to weekly group coaching calls (every Wednesday)
1 year access to the Investment Committee
Access to Acquira as a potential equity investor

Buying A Business In the United States: How It Works

Business acquisition is one of the fastest ways to build wealth and create freedom in the modern economy. If you’re interested in buying a business in the United States, Acquira can help. The Accelerator Program will teach you everything you need to know in order to acquire a 7-figure business within 7 months.

As part of the program, we will teach you how to create your unique investment thesis, which will allow you to quickly disqualify bad deals as you hunt for the perfect acquisition. We will help you iterate your investment thesis throughout the process in order to ensure that you buy the exact right business for you.

The Program requires you to work at least a few hours each day. You will find deals, vet them based on our training, and then bring them to our Investment Committee to help critique the deal and improve your overall business search process and help refine your instincts.

Once you’ve brought at least one acquisition to the Investment Committee that matches your investment thesis, you will be invited to an in-person workshop. There, you will be able to tour a business we bought, network with other Acquisition Entrepreneurs and ask Acquira’s team of acquisition experts any questions you have about the business buying process.

What's included in the Accelerator

01. Training

Our in-depth self-paced and proven process guides you step-by-step to identify, analyze, determine the possible value of potential acquisitions, and establish deal negotiation strategies

02. Guidance and mentoring

This includes weekly group calls that cover a wide range of acquisition topics. You also receive three one-on-one calls with your Success Coach to support you as you work to define an Investment Thesis - your unique collection of personal variables like industry preference, geographic location, business annual Adjusted EBITDA range, annual Adjusted EBITDA multiple. You will also discuss any deals you have before presenting to our Investment Committee and the structure of the LOI.

03. Deal Challenge

Access to our Investment Committee where you will present acquisition opportunities to our panel of seasoned professionals. The process is similar to Shark Tank, where Acquisition Entrepreneurs present a potential business and all of the research they’ve compiled on the company. The team will discuss the inherent risks of the deal, potential opportunities, as well as the possible offer.

04. One In-Person Group Workshop

After your first Investment Committee presentation, you will be eligible for a 2-day face-to-face workshop with our partners and a select group of other Acquisition Entrepreneurs. Here all facets of your acquisition journey are discussed, with special emphasis on the steps after LOI through the closing of your deal - a phase we call the Last Mile.

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With a properly structured acquisition, the business revenue will enable you to cover the cost of the loan, draw a salary and have enough money to invest in growing the business further. This scenario is a stark contrast to starting a business from scratch with no immediate revenue.


Only 30% of small businesses will survive their 10th year in business. Buying a 10+ year old business assures you that you have a strong foundation to continue building on. We can help you find these mature and stable businesses.


Financing the purchase of an existing business can be easier than raising money for a startup. The bank can see historical performance and not just rely on pro forma financials or projections.


One of the hardest parts about running a business is building a team. The work of finding, hiring and training new employees has already been done, and you can use this as a springboard for future growth.


There is a significant advantage when the business you’re looking to purchase is already established within its trade sector and known throughout the community. Leveraging existing reviews/testimonials, marketing campaigns, and third-party relationships gives you a strong foundation to build on.


Sellers can be invaluable in helping you transition into the business, offering guidance ranging from specific training, introduction to key clients and suppliers, supplying an employment contract for future services, and in many cases, seller financing for the business purchase.