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Our mission is to grow the next generation of small business owners by providing capital support through our equity fund, all while delivering outsized returns to our investors through our unique investment thesis.

More information:

  • Reg D 506(c) 10-year fund
  • Minimum investment $100k
  • Direct investment ROFR above $200k
  • Accredited investors only
  • 30%-35% target IRR; 4-5x MOIC
  • All target investments owned & operated by Acquira Certified Entrepreneurs
Chris Mooney
Chief Investment Officer

Chris’ experience includes 25 years in the wireless infrastructure industry with a focus on real estate strategy, analytics, and culture. Most recently, he was the VP of Real Estate for Crown Castle, where he was responsible for the acquisitions and management of a national real estate portfolio spanning over 50,000 locations.

Hayden Miyamoto
Chief Executive Officer

Hayden is the co-founder of Wired Investors, Kingmakers, and Acquira. He has boot-strapped several 7-figure businesses and acquired over 30. He has deep experience developing systems to scale businesses. He is an investor and adviser and sits on the board of 
several companies.

Daniel Elizondo
Director of Acquisitions

In the last year, Daniel has reviewed hundreds of deals and offers as Acquira’s Success Coach. Daniel began his career as an Industrial Engineer, before working in Finance, Operations & Supply Chain management. He is also an Acquisition Entrepreneur himself.

Rich Coppage
Acquira Coaching

While Rich is a valued member of the sales team at Acquira, he considers himself more of a financial advisor, helping to guide Acquisition Entrepreneurs while they look 
for businesses.

Ken Lavertu
Acquisition Entrepreneur, Partner

Ken is an Acquisition Entrepreneur, partner, and business developer who purchased a business in Jacksonville, Florida. Previously, he owned a Real Estate appraisal business that he started eight years ago and sold last December. Right around the same time, he began working at Acquira.

Brian Stroh
Acquira Integration

Brian has worn multiple hats over the years, from founder & CEO of his own companies to a management consultant where he delivered on-site Change Management Consulting, identifying constraints and creating plans to correct, metrics to measure and accountability 
to resolve.

Our Mission

Acquira helps entrepreneurs find, assess, and acquire existing small businesses within the home services and manufacturing sectors. Post-acquisition, Acquira assists our entrepreneurs in developing scalable processes, building management frameworks, and adopting technologies that drive growth and reduce risk. With an emphasis on the stakeholder model of modern management, our entrepreneurs build businesses that grow and create value for our customers, investors, communities, and employees.


Acquira Capital was created to help close the capital-access gap between well-qualified emerging entrepreneurs and the realities of financing a successful transaction. Realizing a need to expand the number of qualified small business owners, Acquira Capital seeks to provide equity investment and mentor our Accelerator Program graduates. For our investors, we provide compelling returns and a unique investment thesis.

If you’re interested in investing in a portfolio of small businesses run by Acquira entrepreneurs and helping transition a significant portion of the US Economy toward new ownership, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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