Investment Committee

Get instant, honest, and insightful feedback on your business deals.

Even after you’ve pored over every detail of a business, there are sometimes unexpected issues that arise.

Our Investment Committee is here to help you plan for any eventuality by going over your deals to poke holes in it.

The process is similar to Shark Tank, where Acquisition Entrepreneurs present a potential business and all of the research they’ve compiled on the company.

The Committee usually contains at least one financing expert and one operations expert, and is often attended by our marketing and sales experts as well. The Committee then spends time going over the details of the deal, looking for potential issues, before giving feedback.

At the end of the call the AE will discuss the Committee’s findings with their success coach, whether they want to make any adjustments to their Investment Thesis, including increasing the geographical scope of your search, additional industries you might want to look, and why.

Our select panel of experts will discuss with you:
  • What we like / dislike about the business
  • Whether we’d be interested in co-investing and if so, what the offer would need to look like
  • How we'd structure the offer around the risks, give an idea around the max price we’d offer and how we’d suggest you open the offer.
  • Compare it to similar deals we have looked at over the years that passed and did not pass our committee sessions
  • Any additional information / questions that you should dig deeper before or after LOI and during site visit (if you haven’t done so)

Here’s a recording of one Investment Committee call to provide some insight on what to expect: