Dave Collinson - Acquira
Dave Collinson

Dave Collinson

Dave Collinson began his career with Acquira as a Business Development Representative (BDR), where he helped build the business development team and its off-market sourcing program.

He now manages the 16-person business development team where his day-to-day responsibilities include qualifying businesses that the team finds and passing along that information to Acquira’s partners. Dave is the face most Acquisition Entrepreneurs see when they are first introduced to the business seller.

Before his time with Acquira, Dave worked in sales where he learned how to talk with people and build their trust. In order to be successful at his current position, Dave says he needs to be able to have honest conversations with sellers and break through any barriers in order to build a level of trust.

“That's probably the main skill that I bring to the table, build that trust and qualify those businesses,” Dave said.

Besides being trapped by the snow in his Toronto home, Dave spends his days handling Acquira’s CRMs and various outreach tools, training the team, and troubleshooting issues.

Dave says one of his favorite parts about working at Acquira is the new challenges he faces every day. “I love being surrounded by such smart people. Everyone's always so open and willing to share their expertise,” he says.

Change is something that Dave looks for, and he believes that one of the best things about working at Acquira is that the company is always improving its processes.

“I get bored if things are always exactly the same,” Dave says. “So one thing I like a lot about Acquira is that they're always pushing to be better.”

Finally, he believes that at Acquira, they really have faith in their employees to get the job done. The company provides everyone with the tools they need and trusts them to make their own decisions. “Aquira gives us trust and freedom as well as always pushing us to be our best and really get those results,” he said.

In his personal time, Dave loves outdoor activities like hiking, camping and being with his dog Cookie – a Pomeranian with a hair loss condition that makes him equally cute and funny looking, according to Dave. In the months when the snow and cold are too much to venture outside, he spends his time cooking.

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