From the military to the boardroom, Doug Thorpe has served in numerous leadership roles. Doug is a former banker with JPM Chase, national consultant, and is the founder of 5 different businesses. Since 2008 he has been an executive coach and mentor to hundreds of business leaders, guiding and shaping their climb to becoming better servant leaders.

DEFINITION of ‘LEADERSHIP TEAM' – anyone you’ve hired to manage a work team in your company. “When we need managers, too often we select people we think we like the most or trust the best to be our frontline managers or department heads. In the process, we often crush a good producer. To get the best result, we need to provide them some coaching and development opportunity so they can make the shift from front-end employee to manager and LEADER.”

Doug’s coaching is adding a brand new, low resistance way to get more from the management team around you. “This is NOT me making a plea for MORE business. This is ME helping you gain COMPLETE control of your freedom and growth.”

In addition, Doug has written multiple books. His first (and still favorite) is “The Uncommon Commodity: Common Sense Guide for First Time Managers.”

He also wrote, “STRIVE for Job Search Success“. It chronicles the highly successful regional job search program he created while serving as Executive Director of Jobs Ministry Southwest from 2008-2014.

In 2020 he co-authored “Trust at Work: Tactics and Tools for Building High Performing Teams” the cornerstone message for Trust Builders wanting to create a culture of trust and psychological safety within their organizations.

In 2023 he released “The Exit Strategy Handbook: Essential Advice for Business Owners” a guide for owners/founders who want to optimize the value of their business before making an exit.

He also authors an active leadership blog with over 700 articles. He is host of the popular podcast “Leadership Powered by Common Sense” heard on all streaming platforms and featured in video on YouTube, followed by over 200,000. The show is rated in the top 2% of business shows on Apple podcasts.

Doug has guided the design and structure of the ACE Framework and serves as a lead Integrator.