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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Eric works on Acquira’s sales team, handling client outreach for those that are interested in using our acquisition services.

It’s a good fit, given his own background as a business owner and Acquisition Entrepreneur. Eric owned a property management company where he oversaw several roll-up acquisitions that contributed to the business’ growth.

“When I was running my property management company, I ended up purchasing several other companies and rolling them up underneath that brand. I had a property management company, and that company purchased an HVAC company, plumbing, electric fencing, and a few other companies as well,” Eric says. “Eventually, I ended up selling all of that. So that was my first experience in acquisitions.”

After making his exit, Eric began working at a real estate private equity firm while he simultaneously founded a brand development and manufacturing facilitation company that works with college and professional athletes. He grew that company to the point where he now has several employees, allowing him to concentrate on other endeavors.

Eric is the type of person who can’t sit still and came across Acquira when he was looking for something to fill his time.

“None of my companies really need me anymore, besides making a few phone calls a week,” he explains. “So I read more into Acquira and realized they had a system for real acquisitions. That’s something I've always wanted to do. I like buying and building businesses, so it makes sense to come and learn from somebody that's doing it every day.”

Now he uses that knowledge to help guide Acquisition Entrepreneurs on their own business buying journeys.

“I get to talk with different individuals on a daily basis. It's constant mental gymnastics because these are mostly individuals that have to make a lot of decisions quickly so you have to be quick on your feet,” he says. “I just really like how it leverages my experience as far as working in business.”

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