Jeremy Hood - Acquira

Who you are

What does leadership mean to you?

I believe that leadership is setting the example. You can’t ask someone to perform a task that you are not willing to take on yourself. Also to help those reporting to you succeed at their goals.

What core attributes make you, you?

I’m humble. I don’t seek recognition for the things I do. I’m a family man. I put my family first in all situations, as long as my wife and two children are happy then I’m happy. I love to learn new skills.

Whether it’s reading or hands on training I’m constantly trying new things. I love to stay active. Especially outdoors, I enjoy working out, running, hiking and playing sports.

How do you want to make people feel?

I want to make people feel inspired to do something they don’t think they can do.

Who inspires you?

Usually the current author of whatever book I’m reading. I am inspired by people who have the same values as I and aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Who does the opposite?

Leaders who seek power and use fear to get what they want, that’s just not the right way to do it in my opinion.

What gives you purpose and meaning?

Spending time with my wife and two kids.

Where have you found unexpected success in life? Tell us about it.

I’ve always found ways to improve on processes, even growing up in a restaurant. After spending some time performing a task that I was taught to do I can usually find a way to do it faster or better with the same results.

Tell us about a low-time in your career - what you learned and how you bounced back.

I helped with the expansion of my family’s restaurant and the first 12 months were a painful learning experience. We blew through money way too fast. This forced me to put my head down and figure out a way to bounce back. We eventually turned a corner and saw several years of double digit growth but I definitely learned a lot during that time.

What is the amount of money in the bank that represents money solved?

I don’t have a specific number but my goal is to have a few passive income streams that allow me to work just a couple hours a day and spend the rest of my time on personal development, with family or giving back to the community.

How you like to work

Where would you say you naturally fall on the ETTO scale?

Definitely on the efficient side which can come back to bite me sometimes. However, recently I’ve made a conscious effort to recognize when there is a need to be thorough and when I can be efficient.

What is your disc profile?
    • D 54
    • I 22
    • S 18
    • C 6
What does a perfect workday look like? What are you doing?

I’d like to spend the first 2-3 hours of my day creating or improving processes followed by a workout and lunch with my wife and then spending 2-3 hours in the afternoon learning and working on personal development

What does the worst possible workday look like? What are you doing?

Putting out fires all day long and not being able to perform any proactive work to improve process.

Your role at Acquira

What is your role at Acquira?

Director of Diligence

Why did you join Acquira?

I met Hayden through one of his Mexican apprenticeships and have been with the company ever since. Being able to work remotely is a huge benefit but I joined to learn new skills and really enjoy the team we have.

What do you like about working at Acquira?

I feel like I learn so much from working here. The team, our partners, the sellers we work with, they all share tidbits of information if you are looking for it.

If you were to run a division in Acquira that bought and improved businesses, what would it be doing?

Probably some kind of software that helps small business owners turn their mom and pop shops into real businesses.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working my ideal work day described above 🙂 Helping my kids learn how to solve for money. My marriage is 1000x stronger than it is today from ten years of strengthening. Giving back in my community in someway, possibly teaching kids from my high school.