Ken is an Acquisition Entrepreneur, partner, and business developer who’s currently working from Simpsonville, South Carolina. Previously, he owned a Real Estate appraisal business that he started eight years ago and sold last December. Right around the same time, he began working at Acquira.

An online search of Acquira was all it took for him to become interested in the work the company did. After a brief online correspondence, he was on a plane bound for Canada to have an interview with the company’s CEO and co-founder Hayden Miyamoto, and then to Las Vegas to talk to co-founder Deven Soni. Following those conversations, Ken decided to join Acquira as a partner while he began his own business acquisition journey.

Ken brings with him a passion for business processes and business development. He’s a master at finding inefficiencies in the workplace and correcting them, all while generating a great company culture.

His favorite thing about working at Acquira is the number of talented people on the team with diverse backgrounds, from all over the US and beyond.

“I feel like that diversity really brings out a lot of talent, a lot of perspectives, and a lot of strengths,” Ken mentioned. “I think that is something that I'm really thrilled with.”
Ken says he also appreciates the leadership and thoughtfulness of Hayden and Deven.

On a typical day, Ken is on the operations side of Acquira, making sure sales calls are being answered, and sometimes taking calls himself. He’s also developing processes, resources, training materials, and systems for the off-market business development team.

He’s also currently searching for his own acquisition opportunities, talking to brokers or business sellers

Besides working at Acquira, Ken loves a good book, spending time with his three kids and his wife. Together they love to travel so they find any excuse to go overseas or at least a different state. He loves to explore other cultures and expose his children to different ways of life, so they know there’s a world outside of the United States.

Ken is also very involved in his local church, and he and his family consider themselves devout Christians. Finally, he also enjoys technology and anything to do with space, so he’s very invested in all the work that SpaceX is doing. Watching the rockets and launches is something he enjoys sharing with his family.