Mick leads Acquira’s team in the Philippines. He lives with his wife and child in the city of Laguna, which is known for its reports and hot springs. Before working with Acquira, Mick spent fourteen years handling sales for a number of different clients.

In college, Mick studied accounting and played Division One basketball in the Philippines but was forced to stop due to injury. He recently started playing again. He also enjoys playing guitar when he isn’t helping to take care of his growing family.

Now, Mick helms Acquira’s sourcing team – helping to connect business sellers with business buyers. His team calls over 3,000 businesses a week in order to pass the best leads onto the most active partners in the Accelerator.

Mick says his favorite aspect of working with Acquira is how empowered everyone is. “They really want you to grow and step out of your comfort zone,” he says. “They give me the time to learn and try to formulate how I want things to be done.”