Quinn Huffman

Quinn Huffman

Who you are

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me is making sure the proper direction and process is provided to make a team work. I like to get my hand dirty and do the day to day work in order to learn and understand it then document a strong process for others to follow. Being able to lead by example is a very important thing.

What core attributes make you, you?

I like to think of myself as a positively disagreeable person who is very process oriented, personable, driven for success and a touch of humor that never hurts.

How do you want to make people feel?

I like to make people feel accepted and heard. Not afraid to be open and disagreeable but feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion and am very open to listen to what it is.

Who inspires you?

As cliche as the answer may be I would have to say my parents. My parents raised 4 children plus foster children and exchange students while working full time jobs. They both came from very little and worked very hard to make sure I had every opportunity in life. More importantly than work ethic, they always made time to come take me to extra curricular sports and be around while growing up which taught me a very good work to life balance that I truly cherish.

What gives you purpose and meaning?

Having a good social life is very important. Finishing a work day and feeling proud about the work that I have done and knowing that I have good friends and family for support is what really give purpose and meaning to my life.

Where have you found unexpected success in life? Tell us about it.

When I was younger I used to sell hot dogs and do so working up to 70 hours a week. I obviously did not love the job but it taught me a lot about being independent in my career and taking pride in something that normally I would not have any interest in.

Tell us about a low-time in your career - what you learned and how you bounced back.

I once went for an interview that i failed miserably out. I was sweating and fumbling my words, came very unprepared and left speechless near the end. I was so embarrassed by the interview that I went home and printed off over 300 questions asked in interviews then hand wrote an answer for each question. I then participated in several mock interviews to work on my skills. Following all that practice I never went for another job interview where I was not offered the job. It made me realize that failure is one of the most important parts of success.

How you like to work

Where would you say you naturally fall on the ETTO scale?
    • I fall more on the thoroughness side of the spectrum
What is your disc profile?
  • Dominance 40%
    • Steadiness 25%
    •  Influence 30%
    • Compliance 5%
What does a perfect workday look like? What are you doing?
  • Waking up refreshed with a cup of coffee while I catch up on emails
  • Preparing my tasks for the day if I have not done so already
  • Completing manageable tasks on my todo list
  • Speaking with colleagues on a personal level (not always about work)
  • Finishing my day with a sense of accomplishment
What does the worst possible workday look like? What are you doing?

The worst workday is when you have become overwhelmed and everything is building up. Usually this is caused by not having a structured workday and falling behind on your priorities. Sometimes it happens naturally and there is nothing you can do but the important thing is to always keep calm, take constant breaks and not let it get to you.

Your role at Acquira

What is your role at Acquira?

My current role for Acquira is “Director of Acquisitions”. I help build the systems and structures for others to follow in order to source the best businesses. I work very closely with others to make sure we are always on the same page and are working together to accomplish the same goal. This is difficult to do when working remotely but when working with great people it makes communication much more enjoyable.

Why did you join Acquira?

I worked in very large corporate companies my entire life and really wanted something different in my life. I joined Acquira for the opportunity to work for a company where my voice is actually heard and I can put forward ideas that are actually used/considered. Complacency I feel is the biggest hurdle for a position in any company and I love that with Acquira, everyday is different and challenging.

What do you like about working at Acquira?

Acquira has some of the greatest people working for it I have ever met. I’m constantly challenged and constantly improving on myself to stay up to date with every thing that gets thrown at me.

If you were to run a division in Acquira that bought and improved businesses, what would it be doing?

Helping to build systems that would automate manual processes would be my ideal position.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to reach a point where I am hiring and giving others the opportunity to work remotely and improve their lives. I love to travel and everywhere I travel i meet many people that are very underpaid and work incredibly hard. I would love to hire people from all countries and work towards improving not only their personal life but hopefully give back to their communities through the opportunities they were given.