The Last Mile

Taking you from LOI to the Close!

The final phase of buying a business! This training covers everything from finding a business until you close the deal.

The Last Mile starts when you decide to send out an exploratory, non-binding Offer Letter, and progresses through the LOI, financing the deal and due diligence phases, all the way until you draft the Asset Purchase Agreement. It ends when you and the seller close the deal.

The Last Mile is designed to get you through some of the more difficult steps necessary to close on a deal. It is only available to those who have brought a business to the Investment Committee that matches their Investment Thesis.

Topics covered in the Last Mile include:
  • Creating a directory of resources
  • Adapting your data room post-LOI
  • Creating a pre-LOI offer
  • Developing your business plan
  • Choosing your legal team
  • Post-LOI site visits
  • Finding the best funding option for your acquisition
  • Quality of Earnings analysis
  • The Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)
  • And much more!