Weekly Acceleration Program Group Calls

Learn everything you don’t know from experts with acquisition experience.

Weekly Acceleration Program (AP) group calls provide an opportunity for Acquisition Entrepreneurs to talk directly to Acquira’s team and our expert guest speakers.

The calls cover a range of topics, including legal advice, tax advice, and acquisition tips like drafting a pre-LOI.

Bring your questions and ask us anything!

Partners also gain access to a community of Acquisition Entrepreneurs (AEs) who are at various stages in their own deals. They can provide insight, advice, or just a friendly ear throughout your journey. The community gets together during the weekly AP calls or through our private Slack channel.

Past topics covered during Weekly AP Calls:
  • Drafting a pre-LOI
  • How to build rapport with brokers
  • Analyzing a business based on your investment thesis
  • Writing a preliminary offer
  • When to walk away from a deal
  • Many more!
AP Call Details
Call attendees will include:
  1. Members of Acquira’s team
  2. Vendors for every stage of the acquisition journey including legal, diligence, financing, systems, and growth
  3. Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs who are in various stages of closing a deal