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Acquira Will Take Care of Your People.

We believe that selling your business should provide a lasting legacy for you and your employees without providing a cash-out opportunity for a middle-man.
Find out if your business qualifies with a Free Valuation.

Acquira is turning businesses into legacies. Our proprietary program offers owners the chance to exit their business, ensure their legacy is maintained and their people are taken care of.

Long gone is the traditional method of listing your business online and hoping for the best.

Here’s How it Works.

If your business qualifies for our program, Acquira will buy it for fair market value.

Then you retire.

Sleep easy knowing your people are taken care of and your legacy will live on.

Does Your Business Qualify?​

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Do you want to sell your company within the next 18 months to 3 years?


Does your business generate at least $2MM in annual sales?


Has your business been operating continuously and profitably for at least the past 5 years?


Do you have at least 10 employees and some structural management?

If so, we want to speak with you about
buying your business now.
Use our calculator to get a free valuation. If you like what you see, schedule a call with our team to learn how Acquira will protect your employees.

Here’s What Happens When you Pass the Torch

Dealing with brokers or private equity buyers can often result in hidden fees or other surprises when selling your business. We'll pay you fair market value for your business. No back-and-forth, no nickel-and-diming. You get what your business is worth so you can start thinking about your next steps.

If you want to retire and live the rest of your life doing what you want, that's great! If you want to take the money you earned and put it toward another investment or opportunity, we can help make that happen too. Just let us know!

Our Management Run Framework will help any business transition from owner-operated to the point where a leadership team is overseeing the daily responsibilities. This provides an opportunity for employees to prosper and grow as the business continues to succeed for years to come.

We believe that the future of small business is employee ownership. We will only work with buyers who are interested in moving in this direction and providing this opportunity to their employees. 


We will help the buyer set up a structure that allows employees to gain equity in the company. This ensures your people are taken care of.

We only believe in win-win situations. We will work to  ensure the business continues to grow and succeed for years to come. That success will benefit owners, employees, customers, and the community as a whole.

Retire with Ease Knowing Your Business is in Good Hands.

Acquira's Mission

The Playbook


Your business will keep its same look on the outside, but we ensure everything is up-to-date on the inside so we can run the business as smooth as possible.

Market Growth

With our modern marketing systems *almost* perfected, we can reach more of your community and grow your legacy.

Employee Equity

We believe people do better work when they have fulfillment and ownership in their career. Acquira invests in our people and all the equity is given to the employees in the Family Business.

Small businesses have the power to make a BIG impact because of the many lives they touch.

Here are some truths about selling your business.

There are over 2,000,000 small businesses in America. Only around 15,000 sell each year.
The odds of selling your business are 2,000,000:1…. Seriously.

Why do businesses fail to sell?

They rely on third party intermediaries, such as brokers or M&A Advisors to list on public directories and hope for the best.

The business is not optimized for a buyer to take over and operate or fails to produce enough cash flow to attract a qualified buyer.

The employees of the business are not a part of the deal and often believe they are being “cut out” of their future.

Even if you are able to get an offer on your business, it could still fail to sell:

85% of all business transactions fail in diligence. For the 15% that actually sell their business, 75% of business owners feel like it wasn't the best idea.

Acquira solves these problems for you.

  • We have our own team of highly experienced pros who will be honest with you about your options.
  • If your business qualifies, we do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf to get the transaction closed efficiently.
  • Throughout the process, we protect confidentiality and only introduce ourselves to your employees at the perfect time.


We aim to have $100B dollars in employee-equity with 1 million American employee owners by 2050.

Here’s our progress:



in 2023




Paid To
Employee Owners


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We believe in reinvesting our profits into people so we can grow together and create a brighter future for everyone.

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