Pioneering The Future of Small Business Ownership

Our Mission Is To Preserve Legacies and Protect Jobs So Everyone Can Prosper.

Acquira and its partners buy businesses, allowing owners to retire while empowering employees through ownership.

The Acquira Way Of Doing Business

We believe investing in people is just good business.
That’s why our business is to keep good businesses in business for another 100+ years by reinvesting profits into people.
Small businesses have the power to make a BIG impact because of the millions of lives they touch.

Acquiring Small Businesses Allows Us To:


70% of owners plan to exit their business in the next decade, but only 30% have a formal succession plan.
There are millions of small businesses that are owned by hard-working Americans who require new ownership to fund their retirement.
Yet most of these business owners don’t have the capacity to plan for the future, putting nearly 25 million jobs at risk if they retire without selling their business to a qualified buyer.
Acquira values the legacies that business owners have spent their lives building, and we provide a way to continue these legacies for generations to come.


U.S. employee-owned companies have 4-5% higher annual job growth compared to competitors.
Acquira buys businesses to invest in people, not replace them, so we can honor and maintain the culture of each business ecosystem while continuing to build value that employees will benefit from for generations.
Through our employee ownership structure, jobs are protected and everyone benefits financially from their contribution to the business.
This is how we position businesses to grow for another 100 years and create lasting legacies that benefit everyone.


Shared prosperity: when employees become owners, the lines between labor and capital blur.
We believe taking care of people isn’t just profitable for the business, it’s also the right thing to do.
Employees become part-owners in the businesses we acquire through our employee-ownership legacy platform, everyone is incentivized to help it grow and rewarded for its success.
Profits are reinvested into the business, creating self-perpetuating models that increase the value of every employee’s shares.
Compounded profits are used to redistribute wealth back into the pockets of American workers, eventually shifting the whole economy toward financial fairness.

This is how we transition 10,000 Small Businesses to employee ownership by 2040

How We Are Doing

2023 progress so far:

Business Purchased


Jobs Protected


Paid to Owners

Unleashing Potential: Where Skill, Knowledge, and Capital Transform Good Businesses into Great Ones.

Our team is comprised of hard working people with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, human resources, business process, employee training, technology, investment banking, digital marketing and business operations. We have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and capital to confidently acquire and grow good businesses.

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Or you can get started with these Acquira Playbooks:

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