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Selling Your Business Should Be Rewarding

We make it easy to sell and exit your business, even if you have no succession plan.

We invest in Lasting Legacy

We believe selling your business should provide a lasting legacy for you AND your employees, without providing a "cash-out" opportunity for a middleman.

At Acquira, we make it easier for good businesses to find good buyers by being the buyer and eliminating the headaches associated with selling a business.

Don’t sell your business to just anyone.

Here’s What Happens When you Pass the Torch


It’s always a Win-Win relationship with the Acquira Family.


Find Out How Much Your Business Can Sell For.

Get your no B.S. business valuation today:

*Only takes 60 seconds

Most Businesses Fail to Sell.

Here’s Why:

Most who did sell weren’t happy.

They didn’t get the fair value for their business and have less to live off in their retirement fund. It’s a buyer's market and there are a lot of businesses for sale.

Or they don’t trust the buyer to protect their reputation and employees. It’s common for 50% of employees to quit in the first year of selling a business.

Selling a business can be confrontational and risky. Which is why the buyer and seller often end up resenting each other.

Acquira is your succession plan.

We understand most business owners don’t have the time or know-how to prepare for their exit. We help every step of the way to make this a smooth transition and help you ease out of the business.

Retire EASY

Knowing your Business is in good hands.

This Is Our Plan For Your Business:

Invest In Your Legacy

We preserve the family name and brand because we want to embrace and build upon the legacy you created.

Invest In Systems

We ensure the business has a solid foundation to build upon by elevating existing employees to create a balanced management team so there’s a voice to represent the interests of the Employees, Customers, Shareholders, and Community.

Invest In Growth

With your established legacy and our proven growth playbook, we can confidently expand the reach of the business and grow its customer base and market share in the community.

Invest In Employees

By treating your employees like equal partners through our employee ownership plan, we can create job security and satisfaction as everyone is motivated and rewarded for their contribution to the business.

This is how we use small businesses like yours to create a legacy that redistributes wealth into the pockets of the hard-working Americans who deserve it.

As a mission-driven business, we reinvest our profits back into growth so the value of everyone's shares increases year over year.

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Protect your employees, preserve your legacy, retire with peace of mind.

Find Out How Much Your Business Can Sell For.

Get your no B.S. business valuation today:

*Only takes 60 seconds

Don’t Meet Our Requirements?

If your business does not meet this criteria,
we still want to speak with you!

We have to be specific about the businesses we acquire if we’re going to reach our goal of saving over a million jobs.

However, we can help prepare your business to sell for more by next year by working with you to convert your business into an Acquira Certified Enterprise that does meet our buyer criteria.

Reach out to our team to see if we can still work together to buy your business, eventually.

How We Are Doing

2023 progress so far:

Business Purchased


Jobs Protected


Paid to Owners

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