Hayden Miyamoto

Hayden Miyamoto

Who you are

What does leadership mean to you?

I believe that the basic task of leadership is to improve the quality of life of my stakeholders. This includes my family, employees, partners, investors, friends, community and fellow residents of planet earth.

What core attributes make you, you?

I am a rebel. I believe that the majority of the way culture has been setup to do things is flat out wrong. Not slightly wrong – it could benefit from some minor optimization… But so wrong that it needs to be rebuilt from scratch. This ranges from education to personal finance, to time management to the idea of work and retirement.

I am a leader. I believe that the basic task of leadership is to improve the quality of life of my stakeholders. This includes my family, employees, partners, investors, friends, community and fellow residents of planet earth.

I am honest and have integrity. I believe it is more important to be trusted than to be liked.

I am systems-oriented. I believe that systems can help us develop in all areas of life. The most important system you can have are your core values and mission statement, which guide all decision-making. You must have systems for all the roles in your life that matter to you – your relationship with your spouse/partner, your family, your business, your philanthropy, and your friendships.

I am a curious and voracious learner. My personal flywheel revolves around learning from great people, adapting that learning and making it mine, teaching others the adaptation in the form of a mental model, and then creating systems to scale the adoption of that mental model.

How do you want to make people feel?

I want to make people feel like they belong to something bigger than them.  I want them to feel like they have purpose and meaning, that they are important and valuable to the world and therefore owe it to the world to have a big vision and create something great.

Who inspires you?

Leaders that live with principles of service. Gandhi, Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey, Jim Collins, George Bernard Shaw.

Who does the opposite?

Not naming names, but people with xenophobic, materialistic, vain or greedy qualities that actively reinforce those aspects of our culture.

What gives you purpose and meaning?

I believe the purpose of life is to discover your gifts, the work of life is to develop them, and the meaning of life is to give them away.

Where have you found unexpected success in life? Tell us about it.

Pioneering and doing things differently – I created an incubator in Mexico and flew in people from around the world. Creating systems for training. Identifying talent.

Tell us about a low-time in your career - what you learned and how you bounced back.

In 2010 I raised some money from my parents to buy an offline business and take it online with a few partners. The business ultimately failed, and it ended up being a sore on my relationship with my parents. From this experience I learned:

  • To be more careful about who I partner with
  • To be a better steward when raising money
What are some uncommon rules you've crafted for yourself?
    • Constraints in everything I do
    • My personal flywheel
    • Tracking everything
    • The power of while
      • I walk while I work. That works out to about 9 miles per day.
      • I learn while I drive. Usually in the form of podcasts or audiobooks.

How you like to work

Where would you say you naturally fall on the ETTO scale?

Definitely more effective than thorough. I move very fast and prefer to iterate. That being said, I am very good at zooming out, seeing the full system and identifying which parts require thoroughness, I’m just not the best person to work on those thorough parts.

What is your disc profile?
    • 48% dominant
    • 36% Influence
    • 6% Steadiness
    • 11% Compliance
What does a perfect workday look like? What are you doing?

2-3 hours of creative work in the morning. 1 hour of learning, half an hour of teaching. 1 to 2 calls. Routine.

What does the worst possible workday look like? What are you doing?

Doing busy-work or administrative tasks all day. Taking on call after call, dealing with politics/gossip, and having to sell something I don’t believe in.

Your role at Acquira

What is your role at Acquira?

I am the co-founder and co-CEO. My role is in systems development, training, culture, and vision.

Why did you join Acquira?

I want to help people solve for money. I think it is the biggest obstacle to their quality of life. There are 2 popular paths to doing that:

  • Be a career employee exchanging your time for money. Save money and retire at 65
  • Become an entrepreneur, build businesses and exit your business.

In my opinion, the standard path of receiving a pay cheque takes too long, while the entrepreneurship path requires a specific tolerance for failure that only belongs to a small segment of the population.We believe there exists a 3rd path, which can solve for money faster than either, and can work for any intelligent, hard-working person. To buy businesses, and apply systems to improve them and become absentee owners.  I hope to provide free training to the world so that people can follow this path to solving money, and use their time to find better ways to make their businesses inspiring places to work that give back to their employees and communities.

What do you like about working at Acquira?

The team is just fantastic. Everyone is brilliant, inspired, and live by our DNA.

Work is a joy.

If you were to run a division in Acquira that bought and improved businesses, what kind of businesses would it buy?

I would love to buy sports franchises. Also anything that involves facilitating community.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • My kids and wife each have a portfolio of businesses.
  • My wife and I have conserved 300 acres of forest, and developed eco-tourism on it.
  • Acquira is invested in over one thousand businesses that are each giving back to their employees and communities.
  • The Acquira University is providing a university alternative for free, teaching leadership from a principle center to hundreds of thousands of aspiring leaders per year and putting tens of thousands of graduates per year into apprenticeships.
  • Everyone Acquira works with has a deeper understanding of themselves. They have created and iterated on a personal flywheel that acknowledges and develops their gifts. They are solving for a long-term timeframe and have an understanding of a 10-year+ goal for themselves and their families. They are measuring what matters to them and have developed a latticework of key habits.