Penelope Miyamoto

Penelope Miyamoto

In her oversight of training and course development, Penelope is in charge of Acquira’s training products. That means that anyone who goes through our Accelerator Program reads Penelope’s writing.

Before working with Acquira, Penelope was enjoying retirement after working for years at one of Canada’s largest banks, Scotiabank. There, she worked on the technology side of the Human Resources department and was in charge of implementing a new HR information system.

“It was huge,” she explains. “We had to scale it to hold files for a quarter of a million people.”

Penelope has a love of languages and reading. Her masters was in Russian language and literature, and her undergrad was in Mandarin. She can read five languages (English, Russian, Mandarin, French, and Spanish). Her favorite book is “Petersburg” by author Andrei Bely.