Acquira is an accelerator for acquisition entrepreneurs

Why work with us?

We provide the capital, training, and systems you need to confidently acquire great businesses, step out of the day to day within a year, and spend your time doing the things you love doing while your portfolio works for you.

Guidance and training to become a servant leader to your stakeholders

01. Training

We provide systematic frameworks for all the departments in your business, including vision and goal-setting, marketing, HR, sales and operations.

02. Systems

For those that want to, we help you form a mini-private equity roll-up. This includes help with narrative, debt and equity fundraising, and liquidity strategy (exits to PE, ESOPs, IPOs).

03. Rollup and Liquidity Strategy

The Acquisition Entrepreneurship Journey

  1. 01.Gauntlet
  2. 02.Search
  3. 03.Offer & Financing
  4. 04.Deep Diligence
  5. 05.Closing
  6. 06.Business Acceleration
  7. 07.Ongoing Growth
  8. 08.Rollups, Exits & Liquidity

We only work with acquisition entrepreneurs who have passed our Acceleration Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is how we get to know you and how you get to know us.

We are very selective about who we work with and want to make sure we engage with individuals who are a culture fit and who have the appropriate time and financial capacity.


Once you’ve passed the gauntlet, we help you find a great business that matches your requirements and passes our screening process.

Offer & Financing

We help you negotiate and structure the deal, craft the appropriate legal contracts, and get financing approved through our lending partners.

Deep Diligence

We help you analyze the business's financials, operations, competitors, risk factors, and growth opportunities.


We help you craft key closing documents, get the deal funded.

Business Acceleration

We will help you grow your business through the ACE Frameworks, our integration-for-growth proprietary process. We provide systems and training through a combination of frameworks including Strategic Planning, P&C, Operations & Finance, and Revenue. By improving these areas of the business, you will be able to take any business from an owner-run operation to a management-run company.

Ongoing Growth

We help you create generational wealth by building a portfolio of businesses. We provide a community of acquisition entrepreneurs, a growing repository of business training and systems, and we help optimize for an exit when the time comes.

Rollups, Exits & Liquidity

For those that are interested in further growth, we help you form a mini-private equity roll-up. This includes help with narrative, debt and equity fundraising, and liquidity strategy (exits to PE, ESOPs, IPOs).

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Acquira Accelerator Philosophy

With most small businesses, what you're buying is a book of work done by skilled people, and held together by a transitioning owner-operator. Acquira provides the systems to make that transition smooth, while letting you work on the business instead of in it.

Systematic Frameworks

We only work with acquisition entrepreneurs who are a true culture fit and who contribute to our community. Business ownership can be lonely and we will continue to build and defend a community that facilitates growth and success.

Culture & Community

In order to stay a world-renown accelerator for acquisition entrepreneurs, we continually develop our systematic frameworks for success in business and in life.

Continuous Growth