Case Study: What It’s Like To Close A Business

Acquira’s Accelerator Program was designed to help Acquisition Entrepreneurs find and close on a business within seven months. Of course, it can take longer depending on how much work the individual puts into the process.

But every once in a while we encounter an Acquisition Entrepreneur who is deeply motivated to get the job done and it happens in less time. Ken Lavertu went through all of our training and recently closed on a granite company in Florida – the whole process took him just four months from the time he brought the business to our Investment Committee, which is much faster than normal.

Ken chalks his success up to a number of factors, including a positive relationship with the business seller and having a good team around him.Check out the full conversation below:


Note: This video is not a short interview, but it has a lot of important and useful information. We recommend setting the playback speed to 2x so you can get through it faster.