The Accelerator Journey

The Accelerator is designed to help you close a business in half the time at half the cost it would take you to find a business on your own. The program is designed to find and close a business for you within an average span of seven monthsIt is broken into three Phases that take you from defining your investment thesis all the way the close of your business.


What's Included With My 5K Deposit?

Acquira charges an Accelerator Fee for Phase One.

The one-time $5,000 payment includes access to:

  • Training frameworks superior to the best MBA M&A programs
  • Three 1-on-1 coaching calls 
  • 1 year access to weekly group coaching calls (every Wednesday)
  • 1 year access to the Investment Committee

The process is designed to vet Acquisition Entrepreneurs. Those in the Accelerator will be required to bring at least one deal to the Investment Committee that matches their investment thesis. Our Investment Committee is designed to help Acquisition Entrepreneurs plan for any eventuality by going over their deals to poke holes in it. The process is similar to Shark Tank, where Acquisition Entrepreneurs present a potential business and all of the research they’ve compiled on the company. Once they have completed the Investment Committee, Acquisition Entrepreneurs receive access to additional training material and resources, including:

  • Access to The Last Mile training
  • A 2-day workshop, meals and accommodation included 
  • 1 year access to passive Investment Opportunities 
  • 1 year access to our deal flow
  • 1 year access to our capital network
The Accelerator includes a 100% money back guarantee. If you go through the training and bring a deal to an Investment Committee, and within 30 days you decide this isn’t the right path for you, you get your money back.

How Does Acquira Make Money?

Acquira makes money when you do.  We often co-invest in businesses if both the Acquisition Entrepreneur and Acquira see the mutual fit.  We aim to make 20+ investments per year.
Once you've brought a business to LOI, you have the option to pay an Acquira coach to help you close the deal.  If you take this option, there is a $25k fee that is financed into your acquisition (no other fees, only charged on success). This corresponds with Phase 1C in the image above.
In addition, many people choose to utilize our ACE Integration services.


What if I don’t find a deal? Does Acquira refund any money?
No. If you don’t find a deal then we both lose. It takes a lot of time, money, and resources to conduct off-market sourcing and create our training materials. 

What makes someone a good fit for the Accelerator?

  1. You want to get a deal done, and value the opportunity cost (closing a deal 6 months faster also means 250-500k more earnings this year)
  2. You're willing to put in the work.  You will have more aggressive timelines than being self-paced, and you should be comfortable with that.
  3. You're willing to collaborate.  The Accelerator is cohort based, and accountability and teamwork help the entire group get better deals done, faster.
  4. You identify and see yourself within our Core Values.

Does Acquira provide a lawyer or accountant to look over my deal?
We provide access to our list of trusted vendors. Any payment for their services will have to be negotiated with them directly.

How long does it take to find a business?
Through the Accelerator Program, the goal is to find a business for you within seven months of beginning the program. That is about half the time it takes through traditional business searching methods.

What is included in the coaching calls?
Watch this interview with Acquira Success Coach and Director of M&A Daniel Elizondo to learn more about that.