The Accelerator Acknowledgement

Fees for the Accelerator Services:

A one-time $9,500 payment due at sign-up.

The Accelerator includes access to the following items: 

Working Materials.  12 months of access to our in-depth self-paced and proven process guides you step-by-step to identify, analyze, determine the possible value of potential acquisitions, and establish deal negotiation strategies.

Guidance and Mentoring. 12 months of access to our weekly group calls covering a wide range of acquisition topics and access to our catalog of previous weekly calls.

Guidance and Mentoring.  12 months of access to our coaching and mentoring program. This includes three one-on-one calls with your Success Coach where you will receive support to define an Investment Thesis – your unique collection of personal variables like industry preference, geographic location, business annual Adjusted EBITDA range, and annual Adjusted EBITDA multiple. You will also discuss any deal before it is presented to the Investment Committee (IC) and the structure of the LOI.  

Deal Challenge.  12 months of access to our Investment Committee where you will present business opportunities to our panel of seasoned professionals. The process is similar to the ‘Shark Tank’ reality show, where the Acquisition Entrepreneur presents all of the research they've done and information they've collected on the business, and our team proceeds to try and poke holes in the deal. The inherent acquisitions risks and business opportunities are then discussed, as well as the possible offer.  

One In-Person Group Workshop  After your first IC presentation, you will be eligible for a 2-day face-to-face workshop with our partners and a select group of other Acquisition Entrepreneurs.  Acquira pays for your room and meals, you cover the travel expenses. Here all facets of your acquisition journey are discussed, with special emphasis on the steps after LOI through the closing of your deal – a phase we title the Last Mile.

Terms of Agreement and Termination

Acquira’s engagement under this Agreement shall terminate automatically Twelve (12) months from the date of execution.

All sales are final.

Please enter your name and email once you submit the information, an email with the "Terms of Agreement," and the payment link will be sent.