How Likely Are You To Succeed With Acquira?

A question that comes up a lot from our prospective partners is just how likely they are to succeed by going through Acquira’s programs.

Our stock answer has typically been “it depends on how much work you put in.” And this remains true, but we’d like to share some data with you to back up that statement. 

Our Accelerator Program is designed to help Acquisition Entrepreneurs (AEs) find and close on an instantly cash-flowing business within seven months. This can take more or less time, depending on how much energy the AE is able to dedicate to the process. We’ve seen it take much longer and we’ve seen others close on a deal faster than we ever thought possible.

We track our AEs' success through a series of milestones. These are:

  • Accelerator-to-Investment Committee (IC) Presentation
  • Investment Committee-to-LOI (Letter Of Intent)
  • LOI-to-Final Investment Decision (FID)
  • FID-to-Close

Below, you'll see three charts that lay out the timeline for each milestone, how much each costs with and without Acquira, and what your chances are of success at each step. We've provide a full breakdown of the steps in this article.