Acquira’s “Do It With You” Program: A New Innovate Approach to Business Acquisition

Team Acquira
-  February 29, 2024
What You’ll Learn
  • Acquira’s unique workshop approach.
  • Firsthand experiences from participant Chuck Dokmo.
  • The essence of the “Do It With You” (DWY) program.
  • The impact of on-site business tours during the workshop.

When it comes to business acquisition, the journey is as crucial as the destination. 

To help in this journey, Acquira offers a structured approach with its “Do It With You” (DWY) program, guiding entrepreneurs like Chuck Dokmo through the acquisition landscape.

The recent workshop in Denver, Colorado, hosted by Acquira, served as a platform for dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and real-world insights. Attendees described the event as “intensive, yet paced”, featuring a blend of case studies, discussions, and on-site visits.

Acquira recently held a workshop in Denver, Colorado, aiming to facilitate conversations, share experiences, and present real-life case studies. The format of this workshop was carefully crafted to be “intensive, but not rushed,” ensuring a balanced mix of case studies, topical discussions, and practical hands-on experiences.

In this video, Chuck Dokmo, an Acquisition Entrepreneur and member of the DWY program who attended the workshop, shares his experience. 

“The format was intensive, but not rushed, which in my mind made it really efficient… The mix of case studies, topical discussions, and then some really hands-on practical on-site tour of an amazing plumbing company made the overall format outstanding,” he said.

This hands-on approach is unique to Acquira, which believes in giving attendees a well-rounded experience. An example is the on-site tour of the ’High Five’ plumbing company, which, according to Chuck, was “an incredible opportunity to tour a company that has really prioritized its work culture.”

Shedding Light on the ‘Do It With You’ Program

The DWY program is at the heart of Acquira’s innovative acquisition approach. It is not just a theoretical guide; it’s a partnership. Chuck described his experience with Acquira as, “an incredible community of business owners and advisors… they do everything from creating amazing content to coaching you on the nuances of your own deal.”

They do everything from creating amazing content to coaching you on the nuances of your own deal.

This program is meticulously designed to assist in closing a business deal faster than other options in the market. From determining your unique investment thesis to presenting you with a lined-up business that resonates with that thesis, Acquira’s DWY program has it all covered. 

Moreover, it doesn’t end at acquisition. As Chuck highlighted, Acquira continues its partnership by “helping you with the business post-acquisition.”

Beyond Acquisition: The Vision of Acquira

What makes Acquira stand out is its holistic approach. The company’s vision isn’t just about acquiring businesses; it’s about positive impact and community building. Chuck was deeply inspired by conversations with the Acquira team, especially about their vision for “employee-owned companies” and how they aim to “catalyze change and impact across communities.”

“It was inspirational to hear [Acquira CEO] Hayden’s vision for what he’s trying to build through Acquira… excited to be a part of the Acquira family and excited to continue to partner going forward,” he said.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who might be on the fence about attending an M&A workshop, Chuck’s advice is clear: “If you’re serious about M&A, if you’re serious about acquiring a small business, you got to come to the workshop.” There’s an undeniable value in the wisdom one can glean from such an in-person experience.

As Acquira continues to pave the way in redefining business acquisition, it is testimonials like Chuck’s that reinforce the effectiveness and impact of their approach. In his words, the experience with Acquira has been nothing short of “motivating and accelerating.”

For those looking to embark on a journey of business acquisition, Acquira’s Accelerator+ Program, with its “Do It With You” approach, will get you to an LOI faster than anything on the market. We can then help you through the diligence and negotiation phases to help you close on the deal. Once you’ve closed on the business, we can help you grow it post-acquisition.

But it all starts with the Accelerator form below:

Key Takeaways

  • Acquira’s workshops are intensive yet efficiently structured.
  • Real-world insights greatly enhance classroom learning.
  • DWY offers hands-on guidance throughout the acquisition journey.
  • Acquira’s vision focuses on holistic business impact.
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