Team Acquira, Author at Acquira

A Guide For Hiring The Best Employees

What You’ll Learn How to avoid overhiring and under-hiring at your business. Why you need to connect all job postings to your company’s core values. Where to post job openings.How …

Team Acquira

How Performance Reviews Can Help Your Business Succeed

What You’ll Learn Why performance reviews should be conducted each quarter. Why performance reviews are necessary. How performance reviews can improve a business’ bottom line. An example template of a …

Team Acquira

How To Let Go of Employees Who Don’t Improve

What You’ll Learn What a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) consists of How to implement a PIP How a PIP can protect the company How a PIP can help an employee …

Team Acquira

An Interview On How To Build Better Broker Relations

What You’ll Learn: Why you need to reach out to business brokers How dealing with business brokers can help you iterate your investment thesis How to position yourself with business …

Team Acquira

What You Need to Know About Legal Due Diligence

What You’ll Learn What you’ll need to know before you begin due diligence The headspace you should be in during the process Post-acquisition services and how your legal advisor can …

Team Acquira

Introducing The ACE Framework

What You’ll Learn How Acquira’s ACE Framework can help you grow your business. How to balance the “four pillars” necessary for business growth. How an ACE Integrator can help you …

Team Acquira

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