management-run business

Guest Post: Unlocking the Benefits of Management-Run Businesses

Management-run businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years, as business owners recognize the benefits of delegating and collaborating with a team of experienced professionals. Many managers and entrepreneurs are …

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employee tenure

How to Boost Employee Retention After a Business Acquisition

What You’ll Learn Strategies for crafting impactful employee retention agreements post-acquisition. How to design incentive programs to align employee and organizational goals. The importance of merit-based employee selection in fostering …

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doug thorpe

Introducing Acquira’s Lead Integrator: Doug Thorpe

What You’ll Learn The challenges new business owners face in transitioning from an owner-operated to a management-run model. Acquira’s innovative approach to help business owners overcome these challenges. The pivotal …

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ace framework

Introducing The ACE Framework

What You’ll Learn How Acquira’s ACE Framework can help you grow your business. How to balance the “four pillars” necessary for business growth. How an ACE Integrator can help you …

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