cash flow for business

Cash Flow: The Lifeblood of Your Business

Here, we explore these fundamental business concepts, the different types of cash flow, some effective practices for managing it and how Acquira’s Success Coaching can help.

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Closing On a Business

What It’s Like To Close On A Business

Any time one of our Acquisition Entrepreneurs closes on a business, it's an opportunity to celebrate. That's especially true for Daniel Elizondo. Daniel joined Acquira's program in January 2021 and …

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what is seller discretionary earnings

Weekly Call Preview: SDE – A Key To Valuation

What You’ll Learn Why SDE is so important in business valuation. Which add-backs should be included in an SDE calculation. Important questions to ask when appraising a business. An essential …

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acquisition reaches finish line

How to Get a Deal Across The Finish Line?

What You’ll Learn How two Acquisition Entrepreneurs pushed their deal across the finish line. How John and Bryant overcame the fact that one of them wasn’t eligible for life insurance. …

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i live in a different state than my business

What It’s Like To Buy A Business Out Of State

If you go through Acquira's training, one phrase you'll see a lot is "location agnostic." What that means is basically, the more places that you're willing to look to buy a business, the more likely it is that you'll find one that matches your unique investment thesis.

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what do business brokers do

An Interview On How To Build Better Broker Relations

What You’ll Learn: Why you need to reach out to business brokers How dealing with business brokers can help you iterate your investment thesis How to position yourself with business …

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