Maximizing Returns: The Three Investor Types Who Need Acquira Capital

Team Acquira
-  March 7, 2024
What You’ll Learn
  • Why investing in small businesses is a creative approach to growing wealth
  • How Acquira Capital helps acquisition entrepreneurs while providing opportunities for investors
  • The types of investors who can benefit from Acquira Capital
  • Why Acquira Capital has committed to responsible investing and employee ownership
  • How Acquira Capital provides the potential for diversification, profit alignment with purpose, and strategic investment outcomes

Investing is one of the best ways to grow wealth over time, but it sometimes requires an innovative approach.

The traditional routes to investment are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate –each with its own risks and rewards. But there is a new investment opportunity emerging: small business.

Investing in small businesses is a great way to grow wealth and make a difference. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, creating two-thirds of new jobs and generating half of the country's economic activity.

When you invest in a small business, you are helping to create jobs, grow the economy, and make a difference in your community. You are also getting involved in something truly exciting and rewarding.

There are many ways to invest in small businesses. You can invest directly in a small business by giving them the capital they need to grow. You can also invest in small business funds, investment vehicles that pool money and invest it in a diversified portfolio of small businesses.

Acquira Capital

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Acquira Capital provides accredited investors the opportunity to participate in a select portfolio of small businesses sourced from Acquira’s Acquisition Accelerator.

The Acquira Accelerator was designed to identify and train high-quality acquisition entrepreneurs prepared to own and grow the next generation of small business opportunities in the home services and manufacturing sectors. 

Being a part of the Acquira ecosystem reduces the risk of buying and operating a small business by providing a robust network of tools, knowledge, and training –which leads to higher returns for our entrepreneurs and investors.

How Acquira Capital Helps Acquisition Entrepreneurs

Not everyone has all the capital required to buy a small business. For qualified participants of the Acquira Accelerator, Acquira Capital helps acquisition entrepreneurs structure their transactions by investing the additional equity capital required to close, in exchange for a minority interest.  An enabling investment from Acquira Capital helps its acquisition entrepreneurs acquire larger businesses with larger cash flows, thereby derisking the venture for all stakeholders and allowing the opportunity for reinvestment and growth.  

What Types of Investors Can Benefit From Acquira Capital?

3 types of investors

Acquira Capital’s mission is to help our Accelerator grow the next generation of small business owners by providing capital support for its qualified program participants. We seek investors that believe in our mission of supporting American small businesses and generating attractive returns.

With that in mind, let’s dig into the types of investors most likely to engage with Acquira Capital’s mission.

1. The Mission-Aligned Investor

We have a grass-roots funding model with entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs. The perfect Mission-Aligned investor will have worked in trade and understands how important it is to invest in trade-based companies and why it’s necessary to elevate the status of our tradespeople.  

While we want everyone to own a business, we know that it could be more practical. So, the Fund allows people to put their capital to work for them.

Diversification is key, and that's where Acquira’s ecosystem comes in. The Acquira Accelerator is a game-changer in the investment landscape. The program is designed to identify and train high-quality acquisition entrepreneurs ready to own and grow the next generation of small business opportunities, particularly in the home services and manufacturing sectors. 

The Acquira ecosystem reduces the risks inherent in buying a business thanks to our robust network of tools, knowledge, and training. Once the companies are acquired, we provide post-acquisition support and guidance to help them grow them toward an eventual exit.

Acquira equips entrepreneurs and investors with everything they need to thrive in the small business acquisition arena. This comprehensive support significantly lowers the risks of buying and operating a small business, making it an attractive proposition for seasoned investors.

By investing in established businesses, you bypass the early stages of business development, minimizing the inherent uncertainties and challenges that come with startups. This translates into reduced risk and the potential for higher returns, as these businesses have already established a solid foundation. This is true for both the acquisition entrepreneurs and our investors.

2. The Impact Investor

investor types

Impact investing is rising as investors seek to align their financial goals with making a positive difference in the world. For those people, Acquira Capital can provide an exciting avenue to invest with purpose.

Acquira Capital is deeply committed to acquiring and growing businesses that go beyond profitability and generate positive social impact. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are crucial in sustainable business practices. Because of this, Acquira has integrated ESG considerations into what companies and business buyers it will work with.

“E would add a state-of-the-art water recycling system for a stone fabricator. S would be launching a company's first retirement and profit-sharing plan, G is managing investments through regulated vehicles and experienced fund administrators to promote transparency,” explains Chris Mooney, CIO at Acquira and general partner at Acquira Capital.

Furthermore, Acquira Capital understands the power of employee ownership and the positive impact it can have on businesses and their communities. 

“We add employee ownership models when they are missing in the acquired companies,” Chris says. “It is a tiered approach. Starting from nothing, the first step is usually a Simple IRA plan to start the conversation about retirement planning with employees.  Next is a 401k plan with matching and profit sharing. Lastly, and most rare, is the creation of an ESOP as part of a larger exit plan.”

Acquira ensures effective communication of the social and environmental impact to stakeholders. By sharing success stories, case studies, and reports, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible investing and empower investors to understand the positive influence their investments have on society and the environment.

The Acquira Capital Team
Chris Mooney is the General Partner of Acquira Capital. Chris is an active investor, board member, entrepreneur, and volunteer. He serves as Acquira’s CIO and focuses on acquiring companies in the lower middle market.

His experience includes 25 years in the wireless infrastructure industry with a focus on real estate strategy, analytics, and culture. Most recently, he was the VP of Real Estate for Crown Castle, responsible for the acquisitions and management of a national real estate portfolio spanning over 50,000 locations. 

His team closed tens of thousands of unique transactions and successfully invested billions in shareholder capital. Chris also founded Crown Castle’s data science capability, launched its first prescriptive sales analytics platform, sponsored the national adoption of robotic process automation, and was an original member of the Digital Transformation Office.

3. The Strategic Investor

Investing strategically can be a game-changer for your financial goals. When you invest with Acquira, you unlock many benefits that can significantly impact your investment portfolio.

One of the standout advantages of partnering with Acquira Capital is its access to a meticulously curated selection of businesses. 

But the benefits go beyond access. Acquira Capital's experienced team becomes your strategic ally throughout the investment journey. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering invaluable guidance and support at every stage.

Acquira’s focus extends beyond the initial acquisition, as its team actively works to nurture ongoing growth and profitability. Through strategic planning, technology investment, and operational efficiencies, we help our portfolio companies thrive. One powerful tool in our investment and growth strategy is our proprietary ACE Framework. This framework, deployed during the first year after our investment, is the essential first step toward a company’s journey from a family-run company into a management-led organization.

Investing strategically requires a partner who understands the intricacies of the market and can guide you toward optimal outcomes. Acquira Capital combines its expertise with a commitment to long-term success, offering you a pathway to realize your investment goals with confidence.


Investing with Acquira Capital opens up opportunities for different types of accredited investors.

For the seasoned investor, Acquira Capital offers a chance to expand your investment portfolio and diversify your holdings. By partnering with Acquira, you can access a curated selection of established businesses vetted and nurtured by experienced professionals. 

For the impact investor, Acquira Capital provides an avenue to align profit with purpose. And for the strategic investor, Acquira Capital becomes a strategic ally in your investment journey. 

If you’re interested in investing in Acquira Capital and its portfolio of small businesses, simply fill out the form on this page to learn more. Whether you're a seasoned investor, an impact investor, or a strategic investor, Acquira Capital has something to offer you.

Of course, if you’re more interested in being a business owner yourself, then you should schedule a call to sign up for Acquira’s Accelerator Program.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in small businesses offers a creative approach to growing wealth while contributing to job creation and economic growth.
  • Acquira Capital provides opportunities for investors to participate in a curated portfolio of small businesses through its Acquisition Accelerator program.
  • Different types of investors, including seasoned investors, impact investors, and strategic investors, can benefit from partnering with Acquira Capital.
  • Acquira offers a robust network of tools, knowledge, and training to help reduce risks and increase returns for investors.
  • Acquira Capital's investment approach prioritizes responsible investing, employee ownership, and strategic guidance to achieve positive social and environmental impact.
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