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Team Acquira
-  October 10, 2023

In 2023, business acquisition remains the best path toward building wealth and improving your quality of life.

In the United States right now, nearly 80 million baby boomers are set to retire over the next decade. Over half of all small businesses are owned by baby boomers, which represents trillions of dollars worth of small business assets that need to switch hands.


It also represents 25 million jobs that could be threatened – as the majority of these businesses have no succession plan. This is front and center on the Small Business Administration’s radar. And they are using federal funds to help transition these businesses to new owners. In 2021 alone, the SBA funded nearly $45 billion dollars through traditional, non-COVID-relief loans, most of which were used for business acquisition.


With these facts in mind, Acquira was founded to be an “acquisition in a box” for people looking for new opportunities. That means we help people find businesses, we train them on how to analyze deals and everything they need to know to go through the closing process. After the business is bought, we help them grow that business and provide a path for their eventual exit.


The first step of that journey is our Accelerator Program.


The Accelerator is designed to help you close a business in half the time at half the cost it would take you to find a business on your own. The program is designed to find and close a business for you within seven months.

Watch as Acquira’s Ty Trumbull discusses the program with Acquira CEO Hayden Miyamoto:


The Accelerator Journey

The program is designed to help you find and close a business within an average span of seven months. It is broken into three Phases that take you from defining your investment thesis all the way to the close of your business. The timeframe depends on the level of commitment from the AE and how much work they put into the process.

Remember, acquiring a business takes a combination of hard work and good timing. The more work you put into the process, the better prepared you’ll be when the timing is right.

The Phases are broken down as follows:

Phase 1A


Phase 1A takes 30-60 days:



Phase 1B

Phase 1B begins with a workshop where you will meet the Acquira team and other AEs in person. The first half of the phase is broken into milestones, while the latter section will be dependent on your own personal acquisition journey. The entirety of Phase 1B will take between two and five months.




Phase 1C


The entirety of Phase 1C will take between two and three months:


For more information, schedule a call with us or apply for the Accelerator Program now.

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