How One Acquisition Entrepreneur Bought A $3MM Security Business

Team Acquira
-  July 7, 2023
What You'll Learn:
  • How Acquira helped Acquisition Entrepreneur Quintin Graves acquire a $3 million security guard company
  • Details of the deal and Quintin’s unique search strategy
  • Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to avoid mistakes and ask thoughtful questions

It’s always great to see another deal close for one of our Acquisition Entrepreneurs.

Quintin Graves joined Acquira in 2021 as an aspiring entrepreneur. He went through our training and quickly made himself known to Acquira’s team as a tenacious and dedicated business searcher.

He recently closed on a $3 million security guard business located in Denver, Colorado. Check out the video interview below to learn more about his unique search strategy and what he plans to do with his entrepreneurial aspirations in the future.

The Details of the Deal

With Acquira's guidance, Quintin Graves successfully acquired a security guard company for a remarkable price of $3 million, with a 3X EBITDA valuation. 

This standout deal was a testament to the expertise and knowledge Quintin gained through Acquira's training. But what made this acquisition even more extraordinary were the strategies Quintin implemented along the way.

Quintin’s Unique Business Search Process

everyone who owns or manages a business is an entrepreneur

While reflecting on his acquisition entrepreneur journey, Quintin shared insights on his unique searching process. 

He spent the majority of his time searching for on-market businesses through BizBuySell, a leading online marketplace for buying and selling businesses. 

With Acquira's guidance, Quintin navigated through the platform, identified potential targets, and conducted thorough due diligence to ensure the right fit for his acquisition strategy. 

Eventually, he found a business that seemed interesting and was able to track down the seller by calling the company directly.

“And we kind of hit it off that way. But I came to find out that he was just kind of fishing, kind of testing the waters to see if people were even interested. And he didn't have a broker. He wasn't responding to messages. I don't know if he was a serious seller. And because of that, I was the only buyer and there was no competition,” Quintin explained. “I think that's why I got the business. I stood out. My very first diligence meeting was in person. So I took the effort to take him to lunch and I think that made me stand out too.”

“I found out in the end, he got 200-something interested buyers. He had a broker at one point. But because our relationship was outside of the broker, he didn't have to pay a broker fee. And that made my offer more competitive than other buyers.”

Quintin’s Experience with Acquira

Quintin described Acquira's training as a one-stop-shop for all the acquisition knowledge he needed. 

Acquira’s training compiles all the acquisition knowledge in one place. It’s super valuable.

“Acquira's training compiles all the acquisition knowledge in one place. It's super valuable,” he said. 

Acquira's comprehensive curriculum covered every aspect of the business acquisition process, from finding target companies to vetting, negotiating, and ultimately closing the deal, according to Quintin.

One of the standout features of Acquira's training was its extensive video recordings. Quintin spoke highly of this resource, saying, “The video library alone is so valuable. I dive in there, listening to lenders, diligence stuff, and brokers.” 

Acquira has over one hundred hours of recorded calls with acquisition experts from Acquira’s team and beyond. This vast collection of video content provided Quintin with insights from industry experts, lenders, and experienced brokers, giving him a broader perspective on the acquisition process.

Furthermore, Acquira's weekly calls proved to be an invaluable resource for Quintin. These interactive sessions allowed him to connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals, sharing knowledge, best practices, and valuable networking opportunities.

One of the most crucial aspects of Acquira's training is its emphasis on preventing common acquisition mistakes. Quintin highlighted the significant role this played in his journey, stating, “Acquira's training helped me ask thoughtful questions, which made me stand out as a buyer.” 

Armed with the knowledge gained through Acquira's training, Quintin was able to identify potential risks, negotiate effectively, and make informed decisions throughout the acquisition process.

Quintin’s Future Acquisition Plans: Roll-ups and ESOP

a person who organizes, manages, and takes on the risks of a business

Quintin's success with his initial acquisition fueled his desire to expand his business empire even further. 

“I'm going to do it a couple ways. One is going to be roll-ups,” he shared. “Security guard companies are a highly fragmented space so there's no moat, which I like, because now there's a ton of players out there to gobble up. So I'm going to be doing tons of roll-ups over the next year to two years.”

Quintin also expressed interest in exploring ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) strategies to incentivize and retain his team members as the business grows.

Conclusion: Quintin’s Acquira Takeaways

Quintin Graves attributes his success as an Acquisition Entrepreneur to Acquira's training. But his own resilience and resourcefulness can't be discounted. It's a testament to the fact that being inventive and curious in your business search will yield results as long as you're persistent.

Acquira's video library, Wednesday calls, and expert guidance may have been instrumental in Quintin's journey towards becoming a successful business owner, but his own tenaciousness is what got him across the finish line.

If you're an aspiring acquisition entrepreneur with dreams of buying a company, especially in the home services industry, Acquira's Accelerator Program will help you get there. 

The program is conducted in cohorts and space fills up quickly. To see if you’re eligible, simply fill out the form below and someone will be in touch shortly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Acquira’s video library and weekly calls provide an unparalleled resource for aspiring acquisition entrepreneurs.
  2. Acquira's training teaches acquisition entrepreneurs how to avoid common mistakes and equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge to ask thoughtful questions.
  3. Quintin Graves' success story showcases the reason to get creative in your deal search strategy.
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