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  • In 2-3 months, you will have an LOI issued
  • In 4.5 months you will have completed in-depth due diligence and decided whether to move ahead with a deal
  • Within 8.5-9.5 months, you will be the owner of a $1MM/year cash-flowing business.

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Acquiring a business takes time and a certain amount of capital to complete. Do you have at least $50,000 of personal capital to invest in the business buying process?

We understand that it takes time to build up the personal capital necessary to buy a business. While you work towards your ultimate goal of buying a business, we invite you to check out our in-depth training materials that will help you get there that much sooner. We look forward to hearing from you again in the future!

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Stages of Success Coaching

Investment Committee-to-Letter of Intent (LOI)

The biggest challenge in pursuit of this milestone is simply having your LOI rejected. This can be demoralizing for many AEs, but it is a normal part of the business buying journey.

Acquira’s Success Coach will help you draft an LOI and negotiate the terms of the agreement. We provide support through this part of the process, which an attorney won’t typically do unless you pay them to do so. Because we’re involved in the process, we can usually get better terms, including more seller financing and lower rates.

LOI-to-Final Investment Decision (FID)

Taking ownership of a business is no easy task. There are so many moving parts that you need to consider, and your investment will benefit if you break it down as you would any project. Just because you've come this far in your deal, this doesn’t mean your commitment should be final. There is still time to consider.

Acquira’s Success Coach will help you through this process, including more in-depth diligence. This is where we will compile very specific information about the business in order to determine whether everything is on the level and that you should move forward with the deal.


There are many challenges during this stage, especially those trying times when you need to pore over important legal and financial documents. Working with Acquira during this stage will usually cut the timeline in half, versus if you were doing it on your own.

This section of the coaching involves helping coordinate the various vendors, conducting final due diligence items, and drawing up the asset purchase agreement (APA). We will walk you through every inch of this section until you sign the final closing documents.

Support Calls

Members of our Accelerator are limited to three coaching calls. However, if you sign up for our Success Coaching, you will receive as many calls with your coach as necessary in order to get you through each milestone.

The calls cover a range of topics, including legal advice, tax advice, and acquisition tips, all crafted for your specific deal.

Our Track Record

Since 2015, Acquira has acquired over 30 companies and invested in more than $50 million worth of small businesses.

We have a 100% hit rate of people who want an SBA loan getting that loan. We know how to find and acquire businesses. Our coaching services are designed to help you find and close on a business in record time.

Case Studies & Learning Material

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What It’s Like To Buy A Business Out Of State

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The Importance Of Perseverance In Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Each step of the process brings unique challenges that can cause setbacks and disappointments. That’s why we measure success by people’s ability to get back up again after falling.

The Acquisition Journey: Three Tips For Closing On A Business

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