The Exit

We help you find a potential exit path from your business.

When acquisition entrepreneurs begin their business buying journey, they're usually focused primarily on sourcing and closing a deal. That makes sense simply because it takes so much work to acquire a business. But it's really just the first step in the process.

At Acquira, we don't consider the job complete until the acquisition entrepreneur can exit the business for more than what they paid for it.

We do this through a warrant that offers the business owner a potential exit within four years provided the business is integrated and is performing.

What Is A Warrant?

A warrant is a contract that provides the right – but not the obligation – to buy or sell a security at a certain price before the expiration of the warrant.

When Acquira talks about exercising a warrant, we’re talking about buying your company and providing you with the exit path that so many business owners are looking for.

How It Works
  • When the AE pays the service fee upon closing a business, Acquira receives the opportunity for a warrant on the business.
  • The term of the warrant is 48 months, or four years.
  • The AE has 30 days post-close to opt out of the warrant, though they will still have to pay the Service Fee of $150,000.
  • The goal of the warrant is to provide an opportunity for the AE to sell the business for more than what they paid for it.