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Acquira can help you find and acquire 7-figure profitable businesses with only 10% down

We help you find, finance, acquire, systematize and grow businesses. Acquira invests in the deals alongside you so that incentives are aligned.

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The team at Acquira has acquired 20 businesses and deployed over $10mm since 2015. Here’s what our acquisition entrepreneurs are saying:

“Working with Acquira on a business acquisition was like having an all-purpose business Swiss army knife in your pocket: from analysis of the books, to valuation, lending, and growth strategies they were there every step of the way to help provide the confidence and plan to make it happen.”


“Acquira is very unique in what they offer. Rather than charging you thousands of dollars for a seminar and then wishing you good luck, they offer a substantial amount of training and then they co-invest with you in the business, continuing to work with you post-acquisition.”


“Acquira really impressed me with their core values that I found to be more than just words. They were able to source and vet a great business, and I'm excited for what the future holds as one of their partners.”


Meet some of the folks on our team

Our team members have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, investment banking, private equity, and business operations. We’re all here to help ensure that each business we work with is posed to make the biggest positive impact possible for its owners, employees, and community.
Deven Soni

Deven Soni / co-founder

Deven is an experienced investor and entrepreneur. He spent several years as an Internet-focused venture capital investor at Goldman Sachs and Highland Capital Partners where he has helped fund several top media and software businesses. He was also an early employee at NexTag, an online shopping business acquired for $1.2bn in 2008.

Hayden Miyamoto

Hayden Miyamoto / co-founder

Hayden is the founder of No Hat Digital and co-founder of Wired Investors. He has built and scaled several six and seven figure businesses and has deep experience developing systems to scale businesses. He is an investor and adviser and sits on the board of several companies.

Kylon Gienger

Kylon Gienger / President

Kylon has founded and led multiple businesses in the construction, food service, fitness, real estate, online education and digital marketing industries since 2012 with 3 successful exits. He is also the founder and host of a popular business and education podcast which was featured in BuzzFeed (as the #15 most recommended podcast) and the Huffington Post.

Lance Weber

Lance Weber / Acquisitions Representative

Lance has a background in business management. He has lead teams of 20+ and has a proven track-record of stepping into underperforming organizations, removing bottlenecks, and systematizing operations.


Immediate Cash Flow: With a properly structured acquisition, the business revenue will enable you to cover the cost of the loan, draw a salary and have enough money to invest in growing the business further. This scenario is a stark contrast to starting a business from scratch with no immediate revenue.
High Chance of Survival: Only 30% of small businesses will survive their 10th year in business. Buying a 10+ year old business assures you that you have a strong foundation to continue building on. We can help you find these mature and stable businesses.
Financing: Financing the purchase of an existing business can be easier than raising money for a startup. The bank can see historical performance and not just rely on pro forma financials or projections.
Trained employees: One of the hardest parts about running a business is building a team. The work of finding, hiring and training new employees has already been done, and you can use this as a springboard for future growth.
Brand recognition: There is a significant advantage when the business you’re looking to purchase is already established within its trade sector and known throughout the community. Leveraging existing reviews/testimonials, marketing campaigns, and third-party relationships gives you a strong foundation to build on.
Training and transition: Sellers can be invaluable in helping you transition into the business, offering guidance ranging from specific training, introduction to key clients and suppliers, supplying an employment contract for future services, and in many cases, seller financing for the business purchase.